Clastic Diagenesis

SEPM Clastic Diagenesis Research Group
Annual Meeting Report
Date: June 20, 2016
Venue: Telus Convention Center, Calgary, AB, Canada

Report by R. Williams (University of Wisconsin-Madison
2016 Organization committee
Gemma Barrie (Chevron)
Randy Williams (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
This year’s SEPM Clastic Diagenesis Research Group met during the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Calgary, AB, Canada. The meeting took place in the Telus Convention Center, from 7:30- 10:00 pm. The program included the following:
i. Brief introduction from the Co-Chair Randy Williams
ii. Election of the 2017 Chairs
iii. Research Presentations and Discussion
Twelve people attended the session, with several students attending for the first time and several more students returning for their second year. Students have been encouraged to attend this event and it is hoped that this will continue for future years. The remainder of the audience was composed of industry geologists and faculty/research scientists from academia.
Goals of the meeting
The goal of the meeting was to present an opportunity for the clastic diagenesis community, from academia and industry, to discuss challenges and develop scientific ways forward in issues in clastic diagenesis. The meeting also provided opportunities for students, academics and industry representatives to network in an informal manner.
Election of the 2017 Chairs
Tobi Kosanke (ALS Oil and Gas) was nominated and unanimously elected as the incoming co- chair for the 2017 meeting.
i. Inferring Basin-Scale History from Micron-Scale Isotopic Trends in Diagenetic Carbonates– Adam Denny (University of Wisconsin-Madison).
ii. Can Modern Day Analogue Studies Aid in the Prediction of Clay Coated Grains within Deeply Buried Sandstones? Luke Wooldridge.
iii. Clay Minerals in Modern Estuarine Sands Josh Griffiths.
iv. Hyperspectral Imaging: a New Technology that uses SWIR and LWIR Spectral Responses to Produce Continuous High-Resolution Mineralogic and Textural Maps of Core Tobi Kosanke.
The presented research served as an excellent basis for both spirited and in-depth discussion. A large fraction of this discussion centered around the role of micro-organisms in diagenetic reactions and their importance for understanding the evolution of reservoir quality in clastic systems.
Next year’s meeting will take place in Houston and will be chaired by Tobi Kosanke. The remaining co-chair who will assist Tobi in meeting organization is TBD (Randy Williams or Gemma Barrie). The contact information for the 2017 Chairs are as follows:
Randy Williams

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