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Volume 84, no. 2, February 2014
Provenance of the Cretaceous Athabasca Oil Sands Canada: implications for continental-scale sediment transport
C. Benyon et al.

Volume 84, no. 4, April 2014
Rheological complexity in sediment gravity flows forced to decelerate against a confining slope
M. Patacci, P.D.W. Haughton, and W.D. McCaffrey

Volume 84, no. 5, May 2014
Late Cretaceous fluvial-megafan and axial-river systems in the southern Cordilleran foreland basin: Drip Tank Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation and adjacent strata, southern utah, U.S.A.
T.F. Lawton, W.L. Schellenbach, and A.E. Nugent
Multiple dolomitization episodes in deep-water limestones of the Triassic Lagonegro basin (southern Italy): from early reflux to tectonically drive fluid flow
T. Gabellone, A. Iannace, and M. Gasparini

Volume 84, no. 7, July 2014
Cenomanian to Campanian carbon isotope chemostratigraphy from the Western Interior Basin, U.S.A.
Young Ji Joo and Bradley B. Sageman

Volume 84, no. 8, August 2014
Grain-size components as markers of origin and depositional processes in the coastal zone of the Golfe du Lion (Mediterranean Sea, France)
J. Paul Barusseau and Raphael Braud
Appedix 1

Volume 84, no. 10, October 2014
Paleoslope reconstruction in sandy suspended-load-dominant rivers
Ranie M. Lynds, David Mohrig, Elizabeth A. Hajek, and Paul L. Heller

Volume 84, no. 11, November 2014
Multi-taxa isotopic investigation of paleohydrology in the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, eastern Utah, U.S.A.: Deciphering effects of the Nevadaplano Plateau on regional climate
Celina A Suarez, Luis A. Gonzalez, Gregory A. Ludvigson, James I. Kirkland, Richard L. Cifelli, and Matthew J. Kohn
Supplemental Table 1
Supplemental Table 2 
Lava-sediment interaction and drainage-system delovepment in a large igneous province: Columbia River Flood Basalt Province, Washington State, U.S.A.
Alena Ebinghaus, Adrian J. Hartley, David W. Jolley, Malcolm Hole and John Millett
Carbonate sediment production, transport, and supplt to a coral cay at Raine Reef, northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia: a facies approach
John L. Dawson and Scott G. Smithers
Volume 84, no. 11, December 2014
Clumped-isotope constraints on cement paragenesis in septarial concretions
Sean J. Loyd, J.A.D Dickson, James R. Boles, and Aradhna K. Tripati

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