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Mobil Foundation Student Participation Grants

SEPM has a student grant program entitled SEPM Student Participation Grants. These grants provide travel funds for students selected by SEPM Sections and to other students that have abstracts accepted to the SEPM Student Poster Awards Session at the AAPG ACE meeting to attend our Annual Meeting. The purpose of the program is to encourage students to discover the spectrum of science presented at the Annual Meetings and to begin expanding their professional network, while building a better working relationship between global SEPM and our regional SEPM Sections.

The SEPM Student Participation Grants program was originally funded by the Mobil Foundation for the years 1998 through 2000 but money for this activity is still available. It provides for a travel stipend and a one-year membership in SEPM, for one students from each of SEPM's Sections, including international sections. Each section has the opportunity to select one outstanding technical presentations by SEPM Section students at their respective Section Meetings or by a competitive abstract submission process. These students then attend either the AAPG/SEPM Annual Meeting and present their research at the SEPM Student Awards Poster Session.  Other students may apply by submitting their abstracts to that session and the SEPM session chairs will select the best abstracts for additiional travel awards.

Information on this program has been sent to the officers of all regional SEPM Sections. The section establishes guidelines for evaluating students presentations in sedimentary geology and should be contacted directly for details. 

Section Contacts are found at the