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2019 GCSSEPM Program and Abstracts

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December 3-6, 2019
Charles Davidson Hall, Noble Energy
1001 Noble Energy Way
Houston, TX

Where were You in 1989?
Salt Tectonics, Associated Processes, and Exploration Potential: Revisited 1989-2019

The 37th Perkins-Rosen Research Conference of the Gulf Coast Section SEPM (GCSSEPM) celebrates 30 years of progress in the understanding of all aspects of salt tectonics. The 1989 conference emphasized the basics as interpreted at the time: the origin of the Gulf of Mexico, the extent of autochthonous and allochthonous salt, delineated regional salt provinces, described salt structural styles and internal salt characteristics, and salt-sediment interaction. The 2019 conference will focus on what has been learned from the GOM and salt basins globally over the past 30 years.

Chairman: J. Carl Fiduk, Fiduk Consulting LLC
Co-Chairman: Van Mount, Anadarko
Co-Chairman: Thomas J. Hearon, EOG Resources

Technical Committee
Gillian Apps (Bureau of Economic Geology)    
Hermann Lebit (PGS)
Tim Dooley (Bureau of Economic Geology)    
Kevin Lyons (Western Geco)
Kathrine Giles (UTEP)    
Robin Pilcher (Hess)
Bill Hart (Venari Resources)    
Andrew Pulham (Earth Science. Assoc. C & T)
Steve Holdaway (Chevron)    
Henrik Roende (TGS)
Brian Horn (ION)    
Mark Rowan (Rowan Consulting)
Piotr Krzywiec (Polish Academy of Sciences.)    
Craig Schneider (ConocoPhillips)
Frank Peel (Bureau of Economic Geology)

The 2019 conference promises 2.5 days of enlightening presentations by some of the most world- renowned names in salt tectonics. Each day will also feature talks by up and coming young professionals in the field. Wednesday’s topics include advances in seismic imaging, imaging’s impact on hydrocarbon plays, new analysis of known salt structures, inclusions in salt, internal salt deformation, megaflaps, biostratigraphy and salt, GOM basin reconstruction, Louann age analysis, and caprock geochemistry. Thursday’s topics include the evolution of salt tectonic understanding, Brazil’s salt, Louann depositional modeling, the southern GOM, pore pressure and salt, salt influenced deposition, the Zechstein Basin, 3D internal structure in diapirs, the Lusitanian Basin, the Sivas Basin, the Zagros fold belt, salt and petroleum systems, and modeling of salt systems. The half-day session on Friday includes seven talks detailing new insights from the northern GOM. The meeting offers a balance of insights, perspective, and analysis across the past 30 years along with new research and new ideas  from the present.

Tuesday, December 3           Icebreaker 7-9 pm                     Brix Wine Cellar at Vintage Park (center across from Noble Energy)
Wednesday, December 4      Technical Sessions and Posters     Breakfast and Lunch served
Thursday, December 5         Technical Sessions and Posters     Breakfast and Lunch served
Friday, December 6             Technical Sessions and Posters     Breakfast served

Sponsorships still available!
For more information email or contact: John R. Suter, PhD.
Executive Director, GCSSEPM Foundation 12645 Memorial Drive, Suite F-1, #160
Houston, Texas 77024
Phone: 713-858-6108

The GCSSEPM Foundation gratefully acknowledges Noble Energy for providing meeting space. We also thank all members of the Technical Committee for volunteering their time and energy, as well as all the authors who have submitted the 40+ technical presentations.