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Mission & History

The SEPM Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1983 by then SEPM President John Warme and others interested in providing SEPM, then a 501.c.6 business league through its corporate relationship with AAPG, a 501.c.3 receptacle for tax deductible charitable contributions. In 1984, $31,000 was transferred to the SEPM Foundation, Inc. from the SEPM Fund in the AAPG Foundation. In 1984 fundraising was initiated with solicitations to SEPM members.

In 1988, the Society reincorporated as a 501.c.3 educational, charitable and scientific organization, itself qualified to accept tax deductible charitable contributions. Consideration again was given to the potential for duplication of effort and the possibility of merging the two bodies. It was determined that the Foundation provided the Society and its Council the potentially ideal mechanism for securing financial support. In 1992, the SEPM Foundation, Inc. voted to establish a stronger tie to SEPM by the adoption of policies providing the Society Officers the authority to approve the nominations to the Foundation Board of Directors. In 1993, the President of the Foundation was added to the Council of the Society.

The Foundation’s main focus has been on supporting student research at both the MSc and PhD levels. Today, the SEPM Foundation continues to serve current and future donors by providing support that aligns their philanthropic interests with SEPM programs and priorities.

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustee Volunteer Leaders

These dedicated sedimentary geologists govern the SEPM Foundation:

Dr. J. Frederick Sarg, President

Dr. John Snedden, First vice-president

Dr. Donna Anderson, Second vice-president

Dr. John Robinson, Secretary

Dr. Richard Fluegeman, Treasurer