SEPM Carbonate Research Group

Annual Meeting Report

Date: Monday, May 20th, 2019, 7-10 PM
Location: Riverwalk Marriott, San Antonio, Texas
Report by: Marjorie Cantine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The 2019 CRG Organizers
Marjorie Cantine
Max Tenaglia
Buddy Price


This year's SEPM Carbonate Research Group met during the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, on Monday night at the Riverwalk Marriott. The program this year included the following components:

1.    Carbonate Hot Topics

1.    Morgan Sullivan, “Clastic Rocks: One Classification for All?”

2.    Fiona Whitaker, “Rethinking Timescales of Meteoric Diagenesis: From Sedimentary Sequences to Seasons and Storms”

2.   Student Research Posters

3.    Student Photo Contests

Approximately 60 individuals filled out the sign-in sheet but based on the number of chairs filled and missing names on the sign-in sheet, we estimate that approximately 150-200 people attended the event.

Goal of Meeting:

As in previous meetings, the goal was an evening filled with lively scientific discussion and valuable networking between experienced professionals and students – students were highly encouraged to attend!

1. Carbonate Hot Topics

a. Many thanks to Morgan Sullivan of Chevron (“Clastic Rocks: One Classification for All?”) and to Fiona Whitaker of the University of Bristol (“Rethinking Timescales of Meteoric Diagenesis: From Sedimentary Sequences to Seasons and Storms”) for their stimulating Hot Topics talks.

2. Student Research Posters:

a. Approximately 20 M.S. and Ph.D. students presented research posters.

b. Each student poster presenter also introduced himself or herself with 1 PowerPoint slide at the beginning of the meeting to help the audience associate faces with names and labs.

c. Submission Instructions Included in Email Announcement: “Students, please email your name, school, advisor, and poster title to XXX if you are interested in presenting. Posters can be works in progress or a panel from the general AAPG program from B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. projects at any stage of your degree.

This is a great opportunity for feedback! Size is limited to ONE PANEL. Students should also prepare one slide with the corresponding poster information that will be displayed during the introduction of the poster presenters. Students must print and bring their posters to the event on Monday, May 20. Please arrive early (by 7:00pm to set-up your poster).

3. Student Photo Contest:

a. 3 students submitted photos for the photo contest.

b. SEPM provided 3 $50 gift cards to the SEPM booth to the first, second, and third place winners. Winners were determined by votes submitted by attendees. Ben Randall (UT Austin), Max Tenaglia (Miami) and Mohammed Hashim (Western Michigan University) were the winners.

c. Buddy Price paid for the printing of the photos and students got to keep their framed printed photos.

d. Submission Instructions Included in Email Announcement: "Students, please email ONE digital photo depicting an aspect of your carbonate research or from a field trip you have attended. Please make sure your photo submission is of sufficient resolution to print and include a short caption with your submission.”

Questions? Please contact one of the organizers (listed above) or Hayley Cooney at SEPM headquarters: