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Special Publications Print Copy

SP 105– Deposits, Architecture, and Controls of Carbonate Margin, Slope and Basinal Settings

SP 104– New Frontiers in Paleopedology

SP 103– Analyzing the Thermal History of Sedimentary Basins

SP 102– Sedimentary Geology of Mars

SP 101– Microbial Mats in Siliciclastic Depositional Systems

SP 100– End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction and the Chicxulub Impact

SP 97 – From River to Rock Record: The Preserv. of Fluvial Sed and their Subsequent Interpretation

SP 96 – Mass-Transport Deposits in Deepwater Settings

SP 95 – Cenozoic Carbonate Systems of Australasia

Special Publications CDs

SP 80 – Aquifer Characterization

SP 58 – Paleogeographic Evolution and Non-Glacial Eustacy: Northern South America

SP 57 – Basin-Wide Diagenetic Patterns: Integrated Petrologic, Geochemical, and Hydrologic Considerations

SP 50 – Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Modern and Ancient Saline Lakes

SP 49 – Applications of Paleomagnetism to Sedimentary Geology

SP 48 – Quaternary Coasts of the United States: Marine and Lacustrine Systems

SP 46 – From Shoreline to Abyss: Contributions to Marine Geology in Honor of Francis Parker Shepard

SP 45 – Sedimentation in Volcanic Settings

SP 43 – Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Dolostones

SP 37 – Strike-Slip Deformation, Basin Formation and Sedimentation

SP 35 – Biogenic Structures: Their Use in Interpreting Depositional Systems

SP 33 – The Shelfbreak: Critical Interface on Continental Margins

SP 32 – The Deep Sea Drilling Project: A Decade of Progress

SP 31 – Recent and Ancient Nonmarine Depositional Environments: Models for Exploration

SP 30 – European Fossil Reef Models

SP 29 – Marine Phosphorites

SP 28 – Concepts and Models of Dolomitization

SP 27 – Geology of Continental Slopes

SP 25 – Deep-Water Carbonate Environments

SP 24 – Beach and Nearshore Sedimentation

SP 23 – Glaciofluvial and Glaciolacustrine Sedimentation

SP 21 – Paleogeographic Provinces and Provinciality

SP 20 – Studies in Paleo-Oceanography

SP 19 – Modern and Ancient Geosynclinal Sedimentation

SP 18 – Reefs in Time and Space: Selected Examples for the Recent and Ancient

SP 17 – Sedimentation in the World Ocean: With Emphasis on the Nature, Distribution and Behavior of Marine Suspensions

SP 13 – Dolomitization and Limestone Diagenesis

SP 11 – Palynology in Oil Exploration

SP 10 – Polar Wandering and Continental Drift

SP 9 – Taxonomic Notes on the Species Figured by H. B. Brady in his Report on the Foraminifera Dredged by H.M.S. Challenger During the Years 1873-1876

SP 7 – Silica in Sediments

SP 5 – Regional Aspects of Carbonate Deposition

SP 4 – Recent Marine Sediments

SP 3 – Finding Ancient Shorelines

SP 2 – Turbidity Currents and the Transportation of Coarse Sediments to Deep Water

SP 1 – Bibliography of Otoliths

 CSP Series - Concepts in Sed and Paleontology Print Copy

CSP 1 0 – Outcrops Revitalized - Tools, Techniques and Applications

 CSP Series - Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology CDs

CSP 5 – Models for Carbonate Stratigraphy from Miocene Reef Complexes of Mediterranean Regions

CSP 2 – Models and Stratigraphy of Mid-Cretaceous Reef Communities, Gulf of Mexico

  Short Course Notes Print Copy

SC 36 – Nonlinear Dynamics and Fractals: New Numerical Tech for Sedimentary Data

Short Course Notes CDs/DVDs

SC 53 – Satellite Imagery, Visualization and Geological Interp of the Exumas, Great Bahama Bank (DVD)

SC 36 CD – Nonlinear Dynamics and Fractals: New Numerical Tech for Sedimentary Data

SC 32 – Introduction to Environmental Hydrogeology

SC 28 – Devonian-Early Mississippian Carbonates of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: A Sequence Stratigraphic Framework

SC 25 – Luminescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy: Qualitative and Quantitative Applications

SC 21 – Origin and Migration of Subsurface Sedimentary Brines

SC 18 – Paleoclimates and Economic Geology

SC 12 – Platform Margin and Deep Water Carbonates

SC 11 – Patterns of Sedimentation, Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Cretaceous Rocks of the Rocky Mountains

SC 8 – Principles and Applications of Coal Petrology


Core Workshop Notes CDs

CW 3 – Depositional and Diagenetic Spectra of Evaporites

CW 7 – Rocky Mountain Carbonate Reservoirs

CW 14 – Miocene and Oligocene Petroleum Reservoirs of the Santa Maria and Santa Barbara – Ventura Basins, California

CW 18 – Paleokarst Related Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

CW 21 – Petroleum Plays and Systems in the National Petroleum Reserve - Alaksa


Field Guides Print Copy

FT 10 – Evolution of Deep-Water Architecture - Magallanes Basin

  Field Guides CDs

FT 9 – Permian Platforms and Reefs in the Guadalupe and Hueco Mtns

FT 5 – Southeastern United States

FT 4 – Fine-Grained Deposits and Biofacies of the Cretaceous Wetsern Interior Seaway

FT 3 – Pleistocene Shoreline and Shelf Deposits at Fort Funston and their Relation to Sea-Level Changes

FT 2 – Stratigraphic, Tectonic, Thermal and Diagenetic Histories of the Monterey Formation, Pismo and Huasna Basin, California


56003 – Siltstones, Mudstones & Shales: Depositional Processes and Characteristics, Vol. 1

57001 – Atlas - Sed Structures and Early Diagenetic Features of Shallow Marine Carbonates

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