SEPM International Sedimentary Geosciences Congress – 2020

26-29 April, 2020 - Flagstaff, AZ, USA


Registration Details and Preliminary Program Coming Soon!

'The Past is the Key to the Future'

The “Past” of sedimentary geosciences being the Sedimentary Record, SEPM, in conjunction with IAS and SGD/GSA, invites you to submit Session Topic Proposals (and potentially related fieldtrip and/or workshop) to the International Sedimentary Geosciences Congress in Flagstaff (SEPM2020).

To foster continued interaction between the many sub-disciplines of sedimentary geosciences, Sessions should be proposed under the umbrella of two broadly designed themes:

Theme 1:
Geodynamic and tectonic evolution of the continents and their margins: implications for ancient depositional systems.

Theme 2:
Ocean-atmospheric controls on surface processes: evolution of life, landscapes, and the sedimentary record.

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Sara K. Yeo

Dr. John Grotzinger

Dr. Barbara Carrapa

Dr. Sean Gulick

Plenary Speakers

Session Topics

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