Courses and Workshops AT A GLANCE

*  Distinguishing Storms and Tsunamis   A 1-Day workshop investigating the similarities and differences between the sedimentary records of storms and tsunamis.

                       Date:              Sunday April 26 (One Day)

                       Presenters:  Alex Simms and Bruce Jaffe

*  What Happens After Deposition?  Controls on Sand Stone Diagenesis

                       Date:               Sunday April 26 (One Day)

                       Presenters:    Linda Bonnell, Rob Lander, Maria Ochoa and Laura Net

*  Paleoceanography and Cyclostratigraphy

                       Date:               Sunday April 26 (One Day)

                       Presenters:    Ken MacLeod, Sietske Batenburg and Stuart Robinson

*  Ocean Chemistry and Carbonate Sediment Production

                        Date:               Sunday April 26 (One Day)

                       Presenters:    Marcello Minzoni and Kimberly Lau

*  Machine Learning

                       Date:               Tuesday Evening April 28 (One Evening)

                       Presenters:    Martin and Hajek

*  Systematics of Diageneticc and Geochemical Techniques in Carbonates

                       Dates:      Thursday - Friday April 30-May 1 (Two Days)

                       Leader:  Goldstein

*  Fluvial Paleohydraulics

                      Dates:       Thursday - Friday April 30-May 1 (Two Days)

                      Leaders:    Brandon McElroy, Robert Mahon and Sheila Trampush

* Applications of Ichnology

                      Dates:       Thursday - Friday April 30-May 1 (Two Days)

                      Leaders:    James MacEachern and Murray Gingras