SEPM Council

Michael Blum, President

Elizabeth Hajek, President-Elect

Keriann Pederson, Secretary-Treasurer
Annette George, International Councilor
Murray Gingras, Councilor for Paleontology
Zane Jobe, Councilor for Sedimentology
Peter Flaig, Councilor for Research Activities
Erin Pemberton, Web & Technology Councilor
Elizabeth Steel, Early Career Councilor
Kristina Butler, Student Councilor
Kathie Marsaglia, Co-Editor, JSR
Peter Burgess, Co-Editor, JSR
Martin Zuschin, Co-Editor, PALAIOS
Paddy Orr, Co-Editor, PALAIOS
Jean Hsieh, Editor, 
Special Publications
Judith Totman Parrish, President, SEPM Foundation

Call for Student Councilor

Nominations due Friday, May 28 by 5:00 p.m. CDT. Please email to apply.

Questions for our Council? Please contact our team.

Committees and Other Appointments

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SEPM 2020 Society Records.pdf

Certificate of Incorporation

SEPM Bylaws-2018.pdf