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Category : Students, Foundation

Posted : Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Edited By : Rebekah Grmela
Sunday, January 23, 2022

Science Student Spotlight: December 2021 Edition

Rebekah Grmela

Welcome back to this month's Science Student Spotlights! Throughout the year, we'll be featuring the science and work of some of our best and brightest SEPM Student Members, including some of our SEPM Foundation Research Grant awardees.

Check out some of this month's featured student work:

Name: Nataly Chacón Buitrago
School: Colorado School of Mines
Research Statement: Automated Facies recognition using digital outcrop models and Machine Learning
Summary: My project seeks to use supervised machine-learning techniques, to classify facies variability from digital outcrop models, generating quantitative data that can be used to improve spatial facies prediction. The models used in this study were taken in the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas. 

Name: Eric Stauffer
School: Northern Arizona University
Research Statement: Pennsylvanian-permian Mixed Carbonate-siliciclastic Deposition and Astrochronology Along the Continental Slope of Western Laurentia

Name: Rawan Alasad
School: The University of Texas at Austin
Research Statement: Characteristics of gravelly sediment gravity flows in alluvial fans and fan-deltas of synrift deposits of the Valecito -Fish Creek Basin, Gulf of California rift

Name: Victoria Cassady
School: University of Southern California
Research Statement: Examining Microbe-Mineral Arrangement in Actively Lithifying Microbialites

Name: Dustin Northrup
School: University of Iowa
Research Statement: Fingerprinting the fluvial-tidal transition zone using facies analysis and elemental chemostratigraphic approaches


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