Award Nomination Form

SEPM Awards Nomination Form

Deadline for award nomination to reach SEPM Headquarters is January 31st. Extended to April 15, 2020.

Society Award Nominations for:

  • Twenhofel Medal
  • Pettijohn Medal
  • Shepard Medal
  • Moore Medal
  • Wilson Award
  • Honorary Membership
  • Dickinson Award

It is important that the Society continue to recognize those that have contributed to the science of sedimentary geology. Anyone can submit a nomination by using the form below.

All award nominees are expected to have met SEPM's Code of Ethical Professional Conduct

Each nomination requires at least three people to be included to write Letters of Support, if you have more than three please send additional names to Michele Tomlinson.  Please note new PhD restrictions. Nominees are no longer restricted based on age requirements.

If you have additional materials for this nomination please email them to Michele Tomlinson.  

Award Nominee

Additional Supporting People