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SEPM Content Contribution Form

SEPM Content Contribution Form

Thank you for your interest in contributing content to the SEPM universe. Please read through the instructions below and complete the submission form. You will receive a confirmation email if all details are submitted correctly. Questions? Contact

What we’re looking for

  • Great photos, figures and graphics. Are you an expert at snapping photos in the field? Do you love creating beautiful figures? We are looking for your best work. 
  • Blog posts. Want an even shorter format to discuss and share your newest, most exciting ideas? We’re looking to highlight our current member scientists and their work in the field, lab or in the community. 
  • Social media. In addition to sharing online, we love opportunities to partner up with active scientists for Instagram Takeovers, Virtual Field Trips, Twitter AMAs and more. 
  • Collaborations. The above are just a few creative ways to highlight some of your work. We will take videos, interactive art, digital zines and really anything that strikes your fancy. 
  • New takes. The more creative and weird the idea - the better. 

Benefits to contributing content

  • Exposure to the 2k plus SEPM membership community. 
  • Highlights in our new monthly SEPM newsletter, reaching professionals and academics across the globe. 
  • Open your pre-print up for discussion and feedback with real-time comments and responses based on your scientific ideas and contributions. 
  • Citations. The more people that know about your work, the more they can reference the details. 
  • Partnerships. Gain a new member of your professional science fan club, and possibly a new co-author!

How to submit

  • This should go without saying, but make sure the work you’re looking to share is *yours* (or you have obtained written permission from all of your collaborators to share). 
  • Send us an email or complete the form below.
  • Share an author, description, date and links to share, and we’ll do the rest.

By submitting content to SEPM for potential publication, you are agreeing to our license agreement, found below. All efforts will be made for content to be shared in a timely manner, however, is not guaranteed. 

License Agreement

This agreement applies to any images, work, text or illustrations submitted and delivered to SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology). All rights relating to the content, including copyright and ownership rights, remain the sole and exclusive property of the creator. This license provides SEPM with the limited, non-exclusive, worldwide and irrevocable right and license to reproduce, publicly display and distribute the content submitted below in all formats now known or developed in the future for the agreed-upon terms. The submitter acknowledges that they have the right as the creator or have been authorized by the creator to submit the content. The submitted content may appear in SEPM properties such as SEPM journals, The Sedimentary Record, JSR, PALAOIS, marketing materials and SEPM digital properties. As some access to SEPM content is open access, the license granted in this form also includes the creator's permission for SEPM members and the general public to download, copy and display the content as published by SEPM in its publications, websites and blog articles. The content will be properly attributed to the creator and submitter as described in the submission form. 

Image/Content Specifications

  • Imagery highlights members in their science
  • High-resolution images (minimum size is 3 MB)
  • Image is in focus and not blurry
  • Exposure and lighting are balanced so the subject is clearly visible
  • Image and content must be approved to be shared by the owner of the original source
  • Content does in no way violate or appear to violate SEPM’s Code of Conduct

SEPM Content Contribution Form