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Dugmar Mendez

Bsc, Universidad de los Andes, Merida, Venezuela
MSc, Institut Français du Pétrole, IFP, France
PhD Candidate, University of Aberdeen, UK

Senior Geoscientist at 3D GEO PTY LTD, South America
G&G Team Leader of Reservoir Integrated Studies, PDVSA
Development and Production Geologist with PDVSA and PETROCEDENO for onshore and offshore oil and gas fields

Research Interests

• Modelling Heterogeneities within Deep Water Systems
• Prediction of slope channel architecture
• Geomodeling, prediction of facies and rock properties propagation
• Volumetric estimation, Risk Analysis for exploration and development
• Production/Development of Oil and Gas Field: Mature Fields, Unconventional (Extra Heavy Oil, Tight Sand, Fracture Reservoirs)

Current Position
My current role involves the integration of all data available from outcrop, surface geology, seismic, well and production data to generate 3D geological models to reduce risk of new well drilling and workovers.


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