The SEPM STRATA website is located at
The existing SEPM STRATA web site was originally designed and produced by Professor Christopher Kendall and Nassir Al Naji, then at the University of South Carolina. For several years the site was maintained and content was updated under their guidance. Upon Dr. Kendall's retirement the site was transferred to SEPM and the site was uploaded to server space at SEPM.  SEPM is currently working with Dr. Kendall on a redesign and updating of the site.

The continued developement and redesign of the website is sponsored by:
      ExxonMobil (Gold Level)
      Saudi Aramco (Gold Level)

Intended users of this site
• Undergraduate and graduate students academic institutions and organizations
• Professionals in geological surveys and related institutes
• Professionals in the oil and mining industry
• Young and/or mature scientists with a developing interest in the history of the earth and the methods used to unravel its origins

Purpose of this site

Using a combination of linked text, images, and short movies this site is designed to help the above users gain an instant understanding of the principles of sequence stratigraphy and other aspects of sedimentary geology. Often persons exposed to this topic for the first time, even experienced sedimentary stratigraphers, are confused with the extensive terminology of this burgeoning science and the complex geometric response of the sedimentary record to changing rates of sedimentation and relative sea level (whether this latter is the product of world wide changes in sea level [eustasy], or vertical tectonic movement). This web site is designed to help navigate these common problems while helping improve the users understanding of the sedimentary section of the earths crust and the principles of this important earth science discipline.  Materials at SEPM STRATA can be used (unless the material is specificially excluded) under the Creative Commons license: 
Editorial Board
STRATA under SEPM overview has created a volunteer Board of Edtiors, who under the leadership of Chris Kendall (Chief Editor) will be used to review both the current content of the site, review new submitted content and solicit new content.  The Board of Edtiors is made up of members from academia and industry, ranging from students and professors to company specialists and consultants.
Board of Editors (2010-2013)
Chief Editor:  Chris Kendall University of South Carolina 
Associate Editors 
Vitor Abreu ExxonMobil
Tom Aigner Universität Tübingen
Nassir Al Naji Saudi Aramaco
Jennifer Aschoff Student
Octavian Catanneau University of Alberta
Ashlye Dack Student
Bret Dixon Anadarko
Steve Franks Consultant
Jim Harris Fugro-Robertson
Peter Haughton University College Dublin
Antun Husinec St. Lawrence University
Diane Kamola University of Kansas
Dale Leckie Nexen
Christopher Lehmann BP
Lisa Marlow  Student
Bill Morgan ConocoPhillips
Brad Prather Shell
Rick Sarg Colorado School of Mines
Keith Shanley Consultant
Alice Stagner ConocoPhillips
Morgan Sullivan Chevron

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