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Short Course Notes

This book series was the result of SEPM Short Course instructors, who wanted to officially publish their course contents, often when they felt that they would be teaching the course multiple times and did not want recreate the handouts each time. The first book in this series was published in 1975 and the most recent one was in 2009. Many course instructors use one time handouts and exercise materials, often relying on "fair use" to avoid copyright violations of some of the non-original material they use in their course. However, to officially publish in the Short Course Notes Series, authors must follow the same copyright guidelines as all of the series. This means that any content that is from another copyrighted source will need releases. Because of the time frames involved when courses are planned, this series is not peer reviewed, professionally copy edited or typeset beyond desk top publishing standards. Usually SEPM receives a "finished" product, which is reviewed by SEPM staff for any obvious errors. Short Course Notes have been published in both print (usually soft bound) and digital formats and more limited numbers than SPs or CSPs. Notes Series' authors do not have to actually teach the course prior to publication.

How to Propose an SEPM Publication