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Foundation Fund List

List of SEPM Foundation Funds

To apply for grants from the Foundation for any of these funds please contact the Foundation at <>. *Only monies earned (dividends or interest) can be used for grants from Endowed Funds. The capital cannot be used. It can, however, lose or gain value in the market. Monies from a Restricted Fund can only be used for the stated purpose.

General Fund (Established 1984)

Provides for routine expenditures of the Foundation and is unrestricted. Routine expenditures include, postage, fund raising, office supplies, etc.

SEPM Endowment Fund (Est. 1986)

A restricted endowed fund to support general SEPM Activities.

Harleton Fund (Est. 1984)

Established in honor of Bruce Harleton. A restricted endowed fund to support scientific publications by SEPM.

Grover and Sally Murray Educational Endowment (Est. 1986)

This restricted, endowed fund was established by Grover and Sally Murray. It supports SEPM educational activities. These activities range from short course support to student activities.

Ken Hsu Endowment (Est. 1986)

This restricted, endowed fund provides for travel support to students participating in SEPM Activities.

Robert J. and Ruth A. Weimer Grant Fund (Est. 1995)

This restricted, endowed fund was established by Robert and Ruth Weimer. It provides support to for graduate student research within the broad area of sedimentary geology. Details of how to apply for these grants are located at <Student Grants>.

John E. Sanders Grant Fund (Est. 1999)

This restricted, endowed fund was established to honor the memory of John E. Sanders by Gerald and Sue Friedman and Naresh Kumar. It provides funds to support graduate student research in the areas of coastal or environmental geology. Details of how to apply for these grants are located at <Student Grants>.

Gerald M. Friedman Fund (Est. 2002)

This endowed fund was established to recognize Gerry’s many significant contributions to sedimentary geology. The fund provides support to graduate students in sedimentary geology through grants for research, travel to professional meetings or field trips. Details of how to apply for these grants are located at <Student Grants>.

Garry Jones and Brian O'Neill Memorial Fund for NAMS Student Research (Est. 1999)

This restricted, endowed fund was established by the NAMS (North American Micropaleontology Section of SEPM). It provides support for graduate research in the area of micropaleontology. NAMS awards a yearly research grant to a student involved with the study of micropalenotology. The amount of the grant ranges from $500 to $1,500. Applicants for this Fund should apply through NAMS.

Arnold and Lieneke Bouma Fund (Est. 2016)

This endowed fund is designated to support the attendance of students and early career participants at a Bouma Conference named conference. Recipients of grants from this fund must be active presenters at the conference and priority will be given to U.S. Veterans and Gold Star family members.

Eric MountjoyFund (Est. 2018) To encourage research conferences and symposia and publications in the fields of carbonate rocks, diagenesis and stratigraphy.

Loyld C. Pray and Philip W. Choquette Carbonate Fund (Est. 2019) To support field trips, workshops, short courses and field courses that focus on the study of carbonate rocks and have a field component.

Dr. S. George Pemberton Endowment Fund (Est. 2019)  This Fund is created in memory of Dr. S. George Pemberton F.R.S.C.P. Geol., a founding father of Applied Ichnology.  This endowment is intended to support education and research opportunities that expand upon the field of Ichnology and its integration with Sedimentology and Stratigraphy.  This fund is open to students, to sponsor targeted research and field work in Ichnology:  and can be used to sponsor research/field conferences focused on Ichnology.

Dr. Paul Potter Endowment Fund (Est. 2020) To support research opportunity in continental to shallow marine silicilastic sediments and sedimentary successions, with special attention to be given to support for student research.  This is a special restricted endowment.  

Medal Funds

Restricted, endowed funds were established for to support each of the Medals of excellence which the Society awards. These funds help to finance the awards program, namely the production of the actual medals themselves.

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