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SEPM Coast and Shelf Research Group

What is this group all about?

Coast and Shelf Research Group (CSRG)

The Coast and Shelf Research Group focuses on the sedimentary processes and products of modern and ancient coastal to shelfal environments developing on Earth and other planetary bodies, including ocean, sea, and lake nearshore areas. This group aims to bring together the community of sedimentologists with a focus on coastal, shallow-marine and shelfal environments, as well as to promote exchanges and collaborations with other experts (e.g., engineers, archeologists) focusing on similar depositional environments.  The CSRG welcomes anyone who is interested in field-, lab- and/or computer-based sedimentology, geomorphology, geobiology, coastal and infrastructure management, paleoclimate, paleoceanography and related topics focusing on coast to shelf settings.

Are you interested in participating in CSRG events, or are you keen on co-chairing/assisting with the organization of workshops or courses?

Why join this group?
  • Networking opportunities within the Coast and Shelf Sedimentology and wider Sedimentary Geology and Geomorphology communities.
  • Opportunities to meet with researchers in-person at annual meetings/key conferences, and virtually at online seminars/discussions.
  • Specialized email lists with targeted information about upcoming events, funding and job opportunities, resources, and more.
  • LinkedIn Group to facilitate discussions, data, and resource sharing.
  • Access to the SEPM membership benefits and community.

Event Calendar:

Come and see us at the 2024 ISGC Meeting in Flagstaff, Arizona USA - May 8th


Stay tuned for our upcoming online and in-person events, field trips, workshops, and short courses, covering (we hope) a wide range of topics such as core logging, bedform stability, ichnofacies analysis, fluid flow modelling, python basics, or automatic image analysis. If something of interest to you is not on the list, don’t hesitate to contact any of the group members listed below, and let’s make it happen!

Coast and Shelf Research Group Organizers (alphabetical order):
•Sonia Campos-Soto;           Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, (
•Marta Cosma;                      National Research Council, Italy (
•Marcello Gugliotta;             University of Bremen, Germany (
•Liz Mahon;                           University of Utah, USA (
•Miquel Poyatos-Moré;        Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain (
•Piret Plink-Björklund;         Colorado School of Mines, USA (
•Agustin Argüello Scotti;      University of Bergen, Norway (
•Xin Shan;                              First Institute of Oceanography, China (
•Romain Vaucher;                University of Geneva, Switzerland (
•Anna van Yperen;               University of Oslo, Norway (
•Valentin Zuchuat;               CSIRO, Australia (

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