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SEPM International Sedimentary Geosciences Congress

2024 | 5-8 May | Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Sedimentary Geoscience for a sustainable world: Past is the key to future!

Still time to register and attend!!!

Registration Notes

  1. SEPM Members should already have a ‘sign-in’ at the registration site – others will need to create one.  
  2. Please use your browser's 'back' rather than the 'continue shopping' option
  3. More meeting and travel FAQs –
  4. If you have questions about registration for the SEPM ISGC Conference, please contact Theresa Scott 

Current Sponsors

ISGC Planned Program

ISGC Early Bird Fees - Closed 31 March - Regular Fees are:

1.    Professional - Member $720.00 

2.    Professional - Non-member* $820.00 

3.    EC Member (<=5 years degree) $620.00 

4.    EC Non-Member*   $670.00 

5.    Student Member   $400.00 

6.    Student Non-Member* $500.00

*SEPM or GSA Member / includes: Ice Breaker; Continental Breakfasts; Lunches; AM and PM Breaks; Awards Reception; Conference Dinner

ISGC Short Courses and Trips

Travel Grants to the ISGC


Plenary Speakers (Details)

  • Dr. Christopher Jackson - Jacobs Engineering Group
  • Dr. Julie Fosdick – University of Connecticut
  • Dr. Gerilyn Soreghan – University of Oklahoma
  • Dr. Cari Johnson – University of Utah

Key Conference Dates

  • Early Bird Registration Opens - January 26
  • Final decisions on Short Course and Field Trip cancellations - March 15!
    • Please be aware that a course or trip may be cancelled so your travel plans may change!
  • Conference Opens - May 5

2024 ISGC Program Committee

  • Jean Hsieh
  • Devon Orme
  • Michael Smith
  • Tim Demko
  • Tomas Capaldi
  • Victor Garcia
  • Amy Weislogel
  • Daniel Ariztegui
  • Suzanne Kairo
  • Howard Harper

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