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ISGC Virtual Student & EC Session

ISGC Virtual Student and Early Career Session

Held June 7-9, 2021

Recordings of this virtual event will be posted and shared once available. Please stay tuned for more details. 

Day 1 Talks - Monday, June 7

ChairsTalk Time CDTNameSchool/InstitutionTitle and Abstract of TalkCategory or Theme
Chilisa Shorten and Rebecca Caldwell
4:00 PMWelcome and Intro to session
4:10 PMErman KamaruzamanUniversity of WaikatoGeomorphology of Canyon-Channels System in Taranaki BasinSource to sink system
4:30 PMSara BiddleUniversity of AlbertaPetrographic Intricacies of Black Shale Reservoirs and their Implication in Physiochemical Depositional Interpretations: A Study of the Hare Indian and Canol Formations, Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest TerritoriesPetrography, Mudstone
4:50 PMDeborah MoralesUniversity of Las Vegas NevadaOcean redox change across the Early Mississippian
Kinderhookian–Osagean δ¹³C excursion
carbonate chemostratigraphy
5:10 PMBreak
5:20 PMDaan BeelenColorado School of MinesWhy small dunes move faster than big dunesEolian sedimentology and sediment transport dynamics
5:40 PMNataly Chacon BuitragoColorado School of MinesDeep Convolutional Neural Network as a Sedimentary Structure Classification ToolUncertainty in sedimentology - Machine Learning
6:00 PMThomas MartinColorado School of MinesInsights and realities of Machine Learning of Deepwater Deposits, a study on the Dad Sandstone in SW WyomingDeepwater Machine Learning
6:20 PMChenliang WuYonsei UniversityDistinct increase in sinuosity of lowland rivers near coast on Earth and Mars
6:40 PMEnd of Session

Day 2 Talks - Tuesday, June 8

ChairsTalk Time CDTNameSchool/InstitutionTitle and Abstract of Talk
Category or Theme
Ellen Reat and Lilian Navarro
1:20 PMWelcome and intro to session
1:30 PMKarena GillUniversity of AlabamaFluid Inclusion study of the Smackover Formation, eastern Gulf Coast: Implications for dolomitization modelsPetrography & Diagenesis
1:50 PMEllen ReatUniversity of UtahLeaded Feldspars: Evaluating Reference Materials and Methods for Pb Isotopes in K-Feldspars, with Applications for Detrital ProvenanceIsotope Geochem & Provenance
2:10 PMAriana OsmanThe University of the West Indies (Trinidad & Tobago)The Changing Clinoform Architecture of the Paleo-Orinoco, Late Miocene Cruse Formation, Trinidad – A Story of Eustatic Sea-Level Changes and Tectonic InteractionSiliciclastic and Carbonate Shelf Margin
2:30 PMBreak
2:40 PMSouvik BhattacharjeeUniversity of AlabamaControls on Large Scale Architecture and Facies Distribution of a Carbonate Shelf Margin, Nanpanjiang Basin, China: Implications for Exploration of the Jurassic Smackover FormationCarbonate shelf margin - Modeling
3:00 PMPengfei HouColorado School of MinesTectonic-sedimentary interplay of a confined deepwater system in a foreland basin setting: the Pennsylvanian lower Atoka Formation, Ouachita Mountains, USADeepwater / Basin Analysis
3:20 PMNatalia VarelaVirginia TechSedimentology of overbank turbidity current deposits in a high-latitude channel-levee system, Hillary Canyon, Ross Sea (IODP Site U1524): Can turbidites be used as a proxy for bottom-water outflow?Deepwater-turbidites / overbank deposits
3:40 PMDaan BeleenColorado School of MinesShallow or deep? A reinterpretation of the Rifian Corridor’s sandy contouritesContourites / Paleoenvironmental reconstructions
4:00 PMEnd of session

Day 3 Talks - Wednesday, June 9

ChairsTalk Time CDT
First NameSchool/InstitutionTitle and Abstract of Talk
Category or Theme
Emma Morris and Valentin Zuchuat
8:00amWelcome and intro to session
8:05amChloe GriffinUniversity of LiverpoolTracking environmental signal propagation through landscapes using a granular avalanching systemSignal propagation, sediment transport
8:25amGuido PastoreUniversity Milano-BicoccaSahara Desert sand: a long story of multistage recycleProvenance, Petrography, Zircon dating
10:05amValentin ZuchuatUniversity of Oslo
Ancient tides and physiography: time to update sequence-stratigraphic models?
10:25amAnna van YperenUniversity of OsloDiachronous key stratigraphic surfaces in low-accommodation fluvio-deltaic settingsDepositional mechanisms
10:45amDaniel TekUniversity of Leeds
How mass-transport deposits and knickpoint-zones build the stratigraphy of the deep-water Hikurangi ChannelShallow - marine
10:45amEnd of session

Our in-person ISGC event will take place in 2024. We hope to continue bringing you programming such as this to build awareness and scientific knowledge in-between. 
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Thank you to the ISGC Planning Committee:

And ISGC 2021 Virtual Student and Early Career Session Chairs:

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