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Mountjoy IV - 2025

Dates: TBD
Location: TBD

Mountjoy III was successfully run at Banff, Canada in Augus, 2022. The next Mountjoy should be in 2025 but where?

We are asking the carbonate community to give us (SEPM and CSPG) input on where it should be held.

Send in the information on this 'call' form and we can find the 'best' next place for Mountjoy IV.

Nomination form for Mountjoy IV – 2025

About Mountjoy Conferences
The Mountjoy Carbonate Research Conferences are an initiative of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists and SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology.  The Mountjoy conferences are a result of these two societies’ efforts to honor Eric Mountjoy who was both a tremendous geologist and an active member of both organizations.  His bequest helps to sponsor student participants in these conferences.  The first Mountjoy was held in Banff, Canada in 2015, followed in 2017 by Mountjoy II in Austin, Texas, USA. The next Mountjoy, number three, was to be held in 2021 but was postponed due to the pandemic.  Instead an all virtual Mountjoy was held that year premiering the hybrid Mountjoy III, again held in Banff, Canada. The Mountjoy conference schedules are now set on a four-year cycle to alternate with the Bathhurst Carbonate meetings.

As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, the next Mountjoy IV is being planned for 2025. The Mountjoy conferences excel in bringing carbonate researchers together with each other and with the carbonate rocks in outcrop, core or modern setting.

Nomination Form

This form is to nominate a specific location for the next Mountjoy conference please include all of the listed information.

Please return this information to Howard Harper (

  1. Name/contact information (email/phone)
  2. Venue Location:
    1. Venue for presentations (university, hotel, conference center, etc.)
    2. City (nearest):
    3. State/Province:
    4. Country:
  3. Main reason for this suggestion – why meet here for a Carbonate conference?  Please include the following:
    1. Field trips potential (required) – please list the possible trips
    2. Economic/ease of travel to this location
    3. Carbon footprint issues
    4. Potential joint aspects with other science groups
      1. Geochemistry
      2. Evaporites
      3. Biology/microbiology
      4. Paleontology
  4. List Possible local carbonate geoscience conveners:

About Eric Mountjoy

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