Planetary Sedimentary Geology

SEPM Planetary Research Group

Who is this community? 

The SEPM Planetary Research Group is made up of existing SEPM members with a special focus on modern and ancient surface processes on different planets and moons. This Research Group was newly formed in 2020 to help gather scientists focused on this specialized research to promote discussion and innovative work. 

Why join this Research Group?

Founding Members

Would you like to be a founding member of this society-backed research group? Contact group organizers for more details on next steps. 


The Planetary Research Group plans to host its first formal networking event in conjunction with ISGC 2021. More details to come. 

Want to get involved?

Contact the Planetary Research Group organizers to be added to our custom listserv and be kept in the loop about future meetings, talks and other relevant opportunities. 

Planetary Research Group Organizer:

Dr. Benjamin Cardenas, Caltech