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Student Research Grants

2024 Student Grant applications are open - deadline is January 31, 2024.

SEPM Student Member Grants are for those in Masters or PhD programs.

Please send all additional questions to:

Dr. Judith Totman Parrish

President, SEPM Foundation, Inc.


Application Details

  1. A cover page with your name, email address, institution, degree sought, physical address, the names of your advisor and an additional person who will provide letters of support (see below) and their email addresses, the title of your project, your total budget, and the amount you are requesting from SEPM Foundation. Please make sure the email addresses are not live links.

  2. A statement (typed, single-spaced; no more than a single page in length, minimum 10-point font) that succinctly summarizes the objectives of your project. References are not required; figures must be included in the single page.

  3. A budget that shows each anticipated category of expenditure and justification for it.  Include the amount requested from SEPM Foundation and amounts requested from/provided by other organizations.

  4. Letters of support emailed directly to the President from the student's adviser and from one other member of the faculty in the department in which he/she is enrolled. The letter from the adviser must include a statement certifying that the student is in good academic standing at the time of the application and that she/he has completed at least one semester of graduate study. **This is a requirement for a complete application**

  5. All applicants must be members of SEPM.

  6. All applications must be sent to the Foundation President - 

Applications are due by January 31, 2024, and will be evaluated by a committee whose members will select the awardee(s). The successful applicant(s) will be notified of the award by May 15, 2024. The award amounts are dependent on the number and quality of applications and on the investment income. For reference, the average grant in 2023 was $809.

In addition to managing contributions designated for support of recognition awards, the SEPM Foundation, Inc. manages the distribution of various designated student travel assistance grants.
Questions? Email:

2023 Awardees

Thank you to all of our applicants of the Student Research Grant program for 2023. 

Learn about the 2023 Awardees

Below are a few pieces of data about our most recent research grant recipients: 

  • $31,000 awarded; 43% awarded rate
  • Awarded to 12 MS and 22 PhD students; 25 MS, 54 PhD (79) total applicants
  • Awardees are spread throughout the US with two international awardees

Past Awards

  • 2022 - 67 applications; awardees - 13 MSc, 17 PhD [45% awarded]
  • 2021 - 97 applications; awardees - 40 MSc, 57 PhD [44% awarded]
  • 2020 - 71 applications; awardees - 11 MSc, 21 PhD [45% awarded]
  • 2019 - 45 applications; awardees -   8 MSc, 15 PhD [51% awarded]
  • 2018 - 89 applications; awardees - 19 MSc, 18 PhD [42% awarded]

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