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Call for SEPM Student Councilor

Apply today! Applications are currently being accepted. 

SEPM allocates one Council position to a student member. This position has all of the same voting rights as other Council positions. This position is filled from student member applicants by the Nominating Committee and the single applicant that is chosen is placed on the SEPM fall ballot for official approval by the SEPM voting membership. SEPM will reimburse Student Councilors for travel expenses to attend SEPM Council meetings. The term of office will start in January 2022 and be for three years. The student applicants should have an anticipated final graduation date of at least 2023 (final graduation date includes anticipated continued schooling beyond your current degree program, such as bachelors to masters to doctorate).

The responsibilities of the Student Councilor position include:

To apply:
Your application should include your school plans, including anticipated graduation dates and a 1-2 page statement as to why you want to be considered for the SEPM Student Councilor position.
Please send to Howard Harper, Executive Director as soon as possible.