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2019, Volume 34

2018, Volume 33 

January/February 2017, Volume 32, Number 1/2

Biostratigraphy and evolutionary tendencies of Eocene heterostegines in western and central Cuba based on morphometric analyses

Ana I. Torres-Silva, Johann Hohenegger, Stjepan Coric, Antonino Briguglio, and Wolfgang Eder

January/February 2017, Volume 32, Number 1/2

Depth-related morphoclines of megalospheric tests of Heterostegina depressa d'Orbigny: biostratigraphic and paleobiological implications

Wolfgang Eder, Johann Hohenegger, and Antonino Briguglio

March 2017, Volume 32, Number 3

Short-term evolution of primary sedimentary surface textures (microbial, abiotic, ichnological) on a dry streambed: modern observations and ancient implications

Neil S. Davies, Anthony P. Shillito, and William J. McMahon

April 2017, Volume 32, Number 4

Carbon isotopic fractionation between whole leaves and cuticle

Dana L. Royer and Michael T. Hren

April 2017, Volume 32, Number 4

Geobiological and diagenetic insights from Malvinokaffric Devonian biota (Chapada Group, Paraná Basin, Brazil): paleobiological and paleoenvironmental implications

Bruno Becker-Kerber, Gabriel Ladeira Osés, Jessica Fleury Curado, Márcia De Almeida Rizzutto, Isaac Daniel Rudnitzki, Guilherme Raffaeli Romero, Silvio Yuji Onary-Alves, Victoria Giopato Benini, Douglas Galante, Fabio Rodrigues, Pedro Victor Buck, Elidiane Cipriano Rangel, Renato Pirani Ghilardi, and Mírian Liza Alves Forancelli Pacheco

May 2017, Volume 32, Number 5

Naticid confamilial drilling predation through time

Subhronil Mondal, Pritha Goswami, and Subhendu Bardhan

May 2017, Volume 32, Number 5

Bone loss from carcasses in Mediterranean ecosystems

Eloisa Bernáldez-Sánchez, Esteban García-Viñas, Ines Sanchez-Donoso, and Jennifer A. Leonard

April 2017, Volume 32, Number 4

Paleosols and ichnofossils of the Upper Pennsylvanian–Lower Permian Monongahela and Dunkard groups (Ohio, USA): a multi-proxy approach to unraveling complex variability in ancient terrestrial landscapes

Daniel I. Hembree and Jared J. Bowen

May 2017, Volume 32, Number 5

Anatomically linked occurrence of concretionary preservation of mosasaurs from the Pierre Shale of South Dakota

Alysia S. Korn and Darrin C. Pagnac

June 2017, Volume 32, Number 6

Paleontology of the Blaauwater 67 and 65 farms, South Africa: testing the Daptocephalus/Lystrosaurus biozone boundary in a stratigraphic framework

Robert A. Gastaldo, Johann Neveling, Cindy V. Looy, Marion K. Bamford, Sandra L. Kamo, and John W. Geissman

June 2017, Volume 32, Number 6

Facies, environments, and fossil preservation in the Barstow Formation, Mojave Desert, California

Katharine M. Loughney and Catherine Badgley

June 2017, Volume 32, Number 6

Ostracode biofacies and shell chemistry reveal Quaternary aquatic transitions in the Pozuelos basin (Argentina)

Michael M. McGlue, Manuel R. Palacios-Fest, Gabriela C. Cusminsky, Maria Camacho, Sarah J. Ivory, Andrew L. Kowler and Suvankar Chakraborty.

July 2017, Volume 32, Number 7

Oxygen isotopic composition of conodont apatite in the equatorial epeiric Belarussian Basin (Eifelian)–relationship to fluctuating seawater salinity and temperature

Marek Narkiewicz, Katarzyna Narkiewicz, Ewa Krzeminska, and Semen A. Kruchek

July 2017, Volume 32, Number 7

Paleoenvironmental distribution of Ordovician calcimicrobial associations in the Tarim Basin, Northwest China

Lijing Liu, Yasheng Wu, Hongxia Jiang, Naiqin Wu, and Lianqi Jia

August 2017, Volume 32, Number 8

Tetrapod footprint paleoecology: behavior, taphonomy and ichnofauna disentangled. a case study from the Lower Permian of the Southern Alps (Italy)

Lorenzo Marchetti, Andrea Tessarollo, Fabrizio Felletti, and Ausonio Ronchi

August 2017, Volume 32, Number 8

Molluscan taphonomic patterns below the sediment-water interface in freshwater shallow lakes from the southeastern Pampa Plain, Argentina

Paula Andrea Cristini and Claudio Germán De Francesco

September 2017, Volume 32, Number 9

Spatial variation in the temporal resolution of subtropical shallow-water molluscan death assemblages

Matias Do Nascimento Ritter, Fernando Erthal, Matthew A. Kosnik, João Carlos Coimbra, and Darrell S. Kaufman

September 2017, Volume 32, Number 9

The reengineering of reef habitats during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event

Björn Kröger, André Desrochers, and Andrej Ernst

September 2017, Volume 32, Number 9

Taphonomic analysis of Cambrian vermiform fossils of Utah and Nevada, and implications for the chemistry of Burgess Shale-type preservation

Jesse S. Broce and James D. Schiffbauer

September 2017, Volume 32, Number 9

Neoichnology of semiarid environments: soils and burrowing animals of the Sonoran Desert, Arizona, U.S.A.

Daniel I. Hembree, Jon J. Smith, Ilya V. Buynevich, and Brian F. Platt

October 2017, Volume 32, Number 10

Diversity and faunal composition in shell fragments

Gwen M. Daley

September 2017, Volume 32, Number 9

Experimental taphonomy of keratin: a structural analysis of early taphonomic changes

Evan T. Saitta, Christopher S. Rogers Richard A. Brooker, and Jakob Vinther

November 2017, Volume 32, Number 11

Assessing the effects of anthropogenic eutrophication on marine bivalve life history in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Paul G. Harnik, Morgan L. Torstenson, and Mario A. Williams

A new experimental setup for studying avian neoichnology and the effects of grainsize and moisture content on tracks: trials using the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus)

Amanda R. Falk, Stephen T. Hasiotis, Enpu Gong, Jong-Deock Lim, and Erika D. Brewer

December 2017, Volume 32, Number 12

Digital modelling of the late Albian Solaris Dinosaur Tracksite (Istria, Croatia)

Borna Lu┼żar-Oberiter, Branko Kordic, and Aleksandar Mezgaiversity

December 2017, Volume 32, Number 12

Quantitative analysis of repaired and unrepaired damage to trilobites from the Cambrian (Stage 4, Drumian) Iberian Chains, NE Spain

Stephen Pates, Russell D. C. Bicknell, Allison C. Daley, and Samuel Zamora

March 2016, Volume 31, Number 3

Did a catastrophic lake spillover integrate the late Miocene early Pliocene Colorado River and the Gulf of California?: microfaunal and stable isotope evidence From Blythe Basin, California-Arizona, USA

Jordon Bright, Andrew S. Cohen, David L. Dettman, Philip A. Pearthree, Rebecca J. Dorsey, and Mindy B. Homan

March 2016, Volume 31, Number 3

Taphonomic variance between marattialean ferns and medullosan seed ferns in the Carboniferous Mazon Creek Lagerstätte, Illinois, USA

Emma R. Locatelli, Laura Krajewski, Allen V. Chochinov, and Marc Laflamme

May 2016, Volume 31, Number 5

Taphonomic disparity in foraminifera as a paleo-indicator for seagrass

Simon A.F. Darroch, Emma R. Locatelli, Victoria E. McCoy, Elizabeth G. Clark, Ross P. Anderson, Lidya G. Tarhan, and Pincelli M. Hull

May 2016, Volume 31, Number 5

Framboidal pyrite shroud confirms the ‘death mask’ model for moldic preservation of Ediacaran soft-bodied organisms

Alexander G. Liu

June 2016, Volume 31, Number 6

Bioturbation by the common Antarctic scallop (Adamussium colbecki) and ophiuroid (Ophionotus victoriae) under multi-year sea ice: ecologic and stratigraphic implications

Kyle H. Broach, Molly F. Miller, and Samuel S. Bowser

June 2016, Volume 31, Number 6

Middle to Upper Devonian skeletal concentrations from carbonate-dominated settings of North America: investigating the effects of bioclast input and burial rates across multiple temporal and spacial scales

Mara Brady

October 2016, Volume 31, Number 10

Phylogenetic taphonomy: a statistical and phylogenetic approach for exploring taphonomic patterns in the fossil record using crocodylians

Stephanie K. Drumheller and Christopher A. Brochu

October 2016, Volume 31, Number 10

Environmental pressures influencing living stromatolites in Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Erica P. Suosaari, R. Pamela Reid, Thalles A. Abreu Araujo, Phillip E. Playford, David K. Holley, Kenneth J. McNamara, and Gregor P. Eberli

November 2016, Volume 31, Number 11

Comparative taphonomy of the mammalian remains from the Cabbage Patch beds of western Montana (Renova Formation, Arikareean): contrasting depositional environments and specimen preservation

Jonathan J. Calede

November 2016, Volume 31, Number 11

PyCHNO: a core-image quantitative ichnology logging software

Eric R. Timmer, Murray K. Gingras, and John-Paul Zonneveld

November 2016, Volume 31, Number 11

Time-averaging and stratigraphic resolution in death assemblages and Holocene deposits: Sydney Harbour’s molluscan record

J. Gabriel Dominguez, Matthew A. Kosnik, Andrew P. Allen, Quan Hua, Dorrit E. Jacob, Darrell S. Kaufman, and Katherine Whitacre

December 2016, Volume 31, Number 12

Passive defensive traits are not good predictors of predation for infaunal reef bivalves

Julietta C. Martinelli, Matthew A. Kosnik, and Joshua S. Madin

January/February 2015, Volume 30, Numbers 1 and 2 Special Issue

Ages of Miocene fossil localities in the Northern Kutai Basin (East Kalimantan, Indonesia)

Willem Renema, Viola Warter, Vibor Novak, Jeremy R. Young, Nathan Marshall, and Fauzie Hasibuan

January/February 2015, Volume 30, Numbers 1 and 2 Special Issue

Larger foraminifera as environmental discriminators in Miocene mixed carbonate-siliciclastic systems

Vibor Novak and Willem Renema

January/February 2015, Volume 30, Numbers 1 and 2 Special Issue

Paleoecological significance of stable isotope ratios in Miocene tropical shallow marine habitats (Indonesia)

Sonja Reich, Viola Warter, Frank P. Wesselingh, Johannes C. Zwaan, Lucas Lourens, and Willem Renema

January/February 2015, Volume 30, Numbers 1 and 2 Special Issue

Late Miocene seasonal to subdecadal climate variability in the Indo-West Pacific (East Kalimantan, Indonesia) preserved in giant clams

Viola Warter, Wolfgang Müller, Frank P. Wesselingh, Jonathan A. Todd, and Willem Renema

January/February 2015, Volume 30, Numbers 1 and 2 Special Issue

Coralline algae from the Miocene Mahakam Delta (East Kalimantan, Southeast Asia)

Anja Rösler, Vedrana Pretkovic, Vibor Novak, Willem Renema, and Juan C. Braga

January/February 2015, Volume 30, Numbers 1 and 2 Special Issue

Old data for old questions: what can the historical collections really tell us about the Neogene origins of reef-coral diversity in the Coral Triangle?

Kenneth G. Johnson, Willem Renema, Brian R. Rosen, and Nadiezhda Santodomingo

January/February 2015, Volume 30, Numbers 1 and 2 Special Issue

Bryozoan diversity in the Miocene of the Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Emanuela Di Martino, Paul D. Taylor, and Kenneth G. Johnson

January/February 2015, Volume 30, Numbers 1 and 2 Special Issue

A diverse patch reef from turbid habitats in the middle Miocene (East Kalimantan, Indonesia)

Nadiezhda Santodomingo, Vibor Novak, Vedrana Pretkovic, Nathan Marshall, Emanuela Di Martino, Elena Lo Giudice Capelli, Anja Rösler, Sonja Reich, Juan Carlos Braga, Willem Renema, and Kenneth G. Johnson

March 2015, Volume 30, Number 3

Tracing burial history and sediment recycling in a shallow estuarine setting (Copano Bay, Texas) using postmortem ages of the bivalve Mulinia lateralis

Thomas D. Olszewski and Darrell S. Kaufman

April 2015, Volume 30, Number 4

Factors controlling exceptional preservation in concretions

Victoria E. McCoy, Robert T. Young, and Derek E.G. Briggs

April 2015, Volume 30, Number 4

Paradox of drilled Devil's Toenails: taphonomic mixing obscures Cretaceous drilling predation in Utah oysters

Leif Tapanila, Ashley Ferguson, and Eric M. Roberts

April 2015, Volume 30, Number 4

Rapid formation of framboidal sulfides on bone surfaces from a simulated marine carcass fall

Laura A. Vietti, Jake V. Bailey, David L. Fox, and Raymond R. Rogers

April 2015, Volume 30, Number 4

From open estuary to meandering river in a greenhouse world: an ecological case study from the middle Eocene of Helmstedt, northern Germany

Walter Riegel, Olaf K. Lenz, and Volker Wilde

June 2015, Volume 30, Number 6

Sedimentological analyses of eggshell transport and deposition: implication and application to eggshell taphonomy

Takuya Imai, David J. Varricchio, Joel Cahoon, and Kathryn Plymesser

June 2015, Volume 30, Number 6

Passive transgression: remarkable preservation and spatial distribution of uppermost Devonian (Famennian) marginal and nearshore marine facies and fauna of western Laurentia

Paul M. Myrow, Devon Cole, David T. Johnston, David A. Fike, and Anne Hakim

July 2015, Volume 30, Number 7

Environmental controls on the genesis of marine microbialites and dissolution surface associated with the end-Permian mass extinction: new sections and observations from the Nanpanjiang Basin, South China

Daniel J. Lehrmann, John M. Bentz, Tanner Wood, Alexa Goers, Ryan Dhillon, Sara Akin, Xiaowei Li, Jonathan L. Payne, Brian M. Kelley, Katja M. Meyer, Ellen K. Schaal, Marina B. Suarez, Meiyi Yu, Yanjiao Qin, Rongxi Li, Marcello Minzoni, and Charles M. Henderson

July 2015, Volume 30, Number 8

Evidence for insect and annelid activity across the Triassic-Jurassic transition of East Greenland

Margret Steinthorsdottir, Anne-Marie P. Tosolini, and Jennifer C. McElwain

September 2015, Volume 30, Number 9

Isotopic analysis of Jurassic (Callovian) mollusks from the Christian Malford Lagerstätte (Uk): implications for ocean water temperature estimates based on belemnoids

Gregory D. Price, Malcolm B. Hart, Philip R. Wilby, and Kevin N. Page

September 2015, Volume 30, Number 9

Taphonomy of a monodominant Centrosaurus apertus (Dinosauria: Ceratopsia) bonebed from the Upper Oldman Formation of southeastern Alberta

Kentaro Chiba, Michael J. Ryan, Dennis R. Braman, David A. Eberth, Evan E. Scott, Caleb M. Brown, Yoshitsugu Kobayashi, and David C. Evans

October 2015, Volume 30, Number 10

Boreal early Turonian calcareous nannofossils from nearshore settings—implications for paleoecology

Christian Linnert and Jorg Mutterlose

October 2015, Volume 30, Number 10

First Argentine microfossil bonebed from the Upper Triassic Marayes—El Carrizal Basin, San Juan Province

Carina E. Colombi, Ricardo N. Martinez, Gustavo Correa, Eliana Fernandez, Pauli Santi Malnis, Angel Praderio, Cecilia Apaldetti, Diego Abelin, Oscar Alcober, and Andrea Aguilar-Cameo

November 2015, Volume 30, Number 11

The impact of microbial mats and their microenvironmental conditions in early decay of fish

Miguel Iniesto, Celia Laguna, Maximo Florin, M. Carmen Guerrero, Alvaro Chicote, Angela D. Buscalioni, and Ana I. Lopez-Archilla

December 2015, Volume 30, Number 12

Encounter frequency does not predict predation frequency in tropical dead-shell assemblages

Julieta C. Martinelli, Matthew A. Kosnik, and Joshua S. Madin

February 2014, Volume 29, Number 2

Modern terrestrial sedimentary biostructures and their fossil analogs in Mesoproterozoic subaerial deposits

Hugo Beraldi-Campesi, Jack D. Farmer, and Ferran Garcia-Pichel

February 2014, Volume 29, Number 2

Establishing patterns in sclerobiont distribution in a Late Ordovician (Cincinnatian) depth gradient: toward a sclerobiofacies model

Trisha A. Smrecak and Carlton E. Brett

March 2014, Volume 29, Number 3

Paleoclimate of the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian–Turonian) portion of the Winton Formation, central-western Queensland, Australia: new observations based on clamp and bioclimatic analysis

Tamara L. Fletcher, David R. Greenwood, Patrick T. Moss, and Steven W. Salisbury


April 2014, Volume 29, Number 4

Sediment effects on the preservation of Burgess Shale–type compression fossils

Lucy A. Wilson and Nicholas J. Butterfield

April 2014, Volume 29, Number 4

Stowing away on ships that pass in the night: sclerobiont assemblages on individually dated bivalve and brachiopod shells from a subtropical shelf

David L. Rodland, Marcello G. Simoes, Richard A. Krause, Jr., and Michal Kowalewski

May 2014, Volume 29, Number 5

The red queen and court jester in green lacewing evolution: bat predation and global climate change

S. Bruce Archibald, Vladimir N. Makarkin, David R. Greenwood, and Gregg F. Gunnell

May 2014, Volume 29, Number 5

Textural and geochemical features of freshwater microbialites from Laguna Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Set I. Castro-Contreras, Murray K. Gingras, Ernesto Pecoits, Natalie R Aubet, Daniel Petrash, Saulo Castro-Contreras, Gregory Dick, Noah Planavsky, and Kurt O. Konhauser

June 2014, Volume 29, Number 6

Microbialites in a high-altitude Andean Lake: multiple controls on carbonate precipitation and lamina accretion

Fernando J. Gomez, Linda C. Kah, Julie K. Bartley, and Ricardo A. Astini

June 2014, Volume 29, Number 6

Taphonomy and Depositional Setting of the Burgess Shale Tulip Beds, Mount Stephen, British Columbia

Lorna J. O'Brien, Jean-Bernard Caron, and Robert R. Gaines

June 2014, Volume 29, Number 6

The occurrence of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils in a sequence stratigraphic context: the Jurassic Sundance Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Sharon K. McMullen, Steven M. Holland, and F. Robin O'Keefe

July 2014, Volume 29, Number 7

Comparison between death and living land mollusk assemblages in six forested habitats in Northern Italy

Paolo G. Albano

July 2014, Volume 29, Number 7

Eocene–Miocene shallow-water carbonate platforms and increased habitat diversity in Sarawak, Malaysia

Morana Mihaljevic, Willem Renema, Kevin Welsh, and John M. Pandolfi

August 2014, Volume 29, Number 8

Confirming the metazoan character of a 565 MA trace-fossil assemblage from Mistaken Point, Newfoundland

Alexander G. Liu, Duncan McIlroy, Jack J. Matthews, and Martin D. Brasier

August 2014, Volume 29, Number 8

A new eurypterid Lagerstatte from the upper Silurian of Pennsylvania

Matthew B. Vrazo, Jeffrey M. Trop, and Carlton E. Brett

August 2014, Volume 29, Number 8

Collecting history of vertebrate fossils at American Falls, Idaho: a reservoir of data to inform land-use policy

Andrew E. Stratton, Leif Tapanila, and Jeffrey H. Stratton

September 2014, Volume 29, Number 9

Chemometric approach to charophyte preservation (Triassic Cerro Puntudo Formation, Argentina): paleolimnologic implications

Cecilia A. Benavente, José A. D'Angelo, Esteban M. Crespo, and Adriana C. Mancuso

September 2014, Volume 29, Number 9

Gastropod associations as a proxy for seagrass vegetation in a tropical, carbonate setting (San Salvador, Bahamas)

Sonja Reich

November 2014, Volume 29, Number 11

Dinosaur-bearing hyperconcentrated flows of Cretaceous Arctic Alaska: recurring catastrophic event beds on a distal paleopolar coastal plain

Peter P. Flaig, Anthony R. Fiorillo, and Paul J. McCarthy

December 2014, Volume 29, Number 12

The last gasp: trace fossils track deoxygenation leading into the Frasnian–Famennian extinction event

Diana L. Boyer, Emily E Haddad, and Emily S. Seeger

January 2013, Volume 28, Number 1

Paleobiology and paleoecology of the early Turonian (Late Cretaceous) ammonite Pseudaspidoceras flexuosum

Christina Ifrim

February 2013, Volume 28, Number 2

Preservational and morphological variability of assemblages of agglutinated eukaryotes in Cryogenian cap carbonates of northern Namibia

Lilly A. Dalton, Tanja Bosak, Francis A. Macdonald, Daniel J.G. Lahr, and Sara B. Pruss

Reinvestigating Carboniferous Actinomycetes: Authigenic formation of biomimetic carbonates provides insight into early diagenesis of permineralized plants

Ashley A. Klymiuk, Carla J. Harper, David S. Moore, Edith L. Taylor, Thomas N. Taylor, and Michael Krings

Vinegaroon (Arachnida: Thelyphonida: Thelyphonidae) trackway production and morphology: Implications for media and moisture control on trackway morphology and a proposal for a novel system of interpreting arthropod trace fossils

Joshua D. Schmerge, David J. Riese, and Stephen T. Hasiotis

Supplementary Data Key Windows Media Video ( .wmv files) QuickTime Movie files ( .mov)

March 2013, Volume 28, Number 3

Neoichnology of the whip scorpion Mastigoproctus giganteus: Complex burrows of predatory terrestrial arthropods

Daniel I. Hembree

Comparison of leaf samples from mapped tropical and temperate forests: Implications for interpretations of the diversity of fossil assemblages

Beth Ellis and Kirk R. Johnson

Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the .Lo Hueco. Fossil Site (Upper Cretaceous, Cuenca, Spain): Preliminary stable isotope analyses on crocodilians and dinosaurs

Laura Domingo, Fernando Barroso-Barcenilla, and Oscar Cambra-Moo

April 2013, Volume 28, Number 4

Taphonomic variability of fossil insects: A biostratinomic study of Palaeontinidae and Tettigarctidae (Insecta: Hemiptera) from the Jurassic Daohugou Lagerstätte

Bo Wang, Haichun Zhang, Edmund Aleksander Jarzembowski, Yan Fang, and Daran Zheng

Analysis of Triassic archosauriform trackways: Difference in stride/foot ratio between dinosauromorphs and other archosauriforms

Tai Kubo and Mugino O. KuboLaura Domingo, Fernando Barroso-Barcenilla, and Oscar Cambra-Moo

June 2013, Volume 28, Number 6

Diagenetic alteration of Triassic coral from the aragonite Konservat-Lagerstätte in Alakir Çay, Turkey: Implications for geochemical measurements

Katarzyna Frankowiak, Maciej Mazur, Anne M. Gothmann, and Jaroslaw Stolarski

Mudflow disturbance in latest Miocene forests in Lewis County, Washington

Thomas E. Yancey, George E. Mustoe, Estella B. Leopold, And Matt T. Heizler

The Curse of Rafinesquina: Negative taphonomic feedback exerted by strophomenid shells on storm-buried lingulids in the Cincinnatian Series (Katian, Ordovician) of Ohio

Rebecca L. Freeman, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Aaron Morse, Michael Blair, Steve Felton, and John Pojeta, Jr.

On the measurement of repair frequency: How important is data standardization?

Gregory P. Dietl and Mary E. Kosloski

January 2012, Volume 27, Number 1

Trilobite biofacies along an Ordovician (Sandbian) carbonate buildup to basin gradient, southwestern Virginia

Jesse R. Carlucci and Stephen R. Westrop

Ichnological analysis of lateral environmental heterogeneity within the Bonarelli Level (uppermost Cenomanian) in the classical localities near Gubbio, Central Apennines, Italy

Paolo Monaco, Francisco J. Rodríguez-Tovar, and Alfred Uchman

February 2012, Volume 27, Number 2

What controls the taphonomy of exceptionally preserved taxa .Environment or biology? A case study using frogs from the Miocene Libros Konservat-Lagerstätte (Teruel, Spain)

Maria E. McNamara, Patrick J. Orr, Luis Alcalá, Pere Anadón, and Enrique Peñalver

March 2012, Volume 27, Number 3

Shell taphonomy and fidelity of living, dead, Holocene, and Pleistocene land snail assemblages

Yurena Yanes

Carbonate facies control on the fidelity of surface-subsurface agreement in benthic foraminiferal assemblages: Implications for index-based paleoecology

Simon A.F. Darroch

Decomposing lithification bias: Preservation of local diversity structure in recently cemented storm-beach carbonate sands, San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Rafa? Nawrot

April 2012, Volume 27, Number 4

Correlation of early Paleogene global diversity patterns of large benthic foraminifera with Paleocene and Eocene climatic events

Katherine J. Whidden and Robert W. Jones

Deep-water incised valley deposits at the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary in southern Namibia contain abundant Treptichnus pedum

Jonathan P. Wilson, John P. Grotzinger, Woodward W. Fischer, Kevin P. Hand, Sören Jensen, Andrew H. Knoll, John Abelson, Joannah M. Metz, Nicola McLoughlin, Phoebe A. Cohen, and Michael M. Tice

May 2012, Volume 27, Number 5

Lagerstätten through time: A collection of exceptional preservational pathways from the terminal Neoproterozoic through today

James D. Schiffbauer and Marc Laflamme

July 2012, Volume 27, Number 7

Depositional Setting And Fossil Insect Preservation: A Study Of The Late Eocene Florissant Formation, Colorado

Jenell Thoene Henning, Dena M. Smith, César R. Nufio, and Herbert W. Meyer

August 2012, Volume 27, Number 8

Fruit dispersal ecology of woody taxa in temperate to tropical forests of China and Japan

Ute C. Knörr, Johanna Kovar-Eder, Petr Mazouch, and Anita Roth-Nebelsick

Faunal succession of Norian (Late Triassic) level-bottom benthos in the Lombardian Basin: Implications for the timing, rate, and nature of the early Mesozoic marine revolution

Lydia S. Tackett and David J. Bottjer

September 2012, Volume 27, Number 9

Regional-scale marine faunal change in Eastern Australia during Permian climate fluctuations and its relationship to local community restructuring

Matthew E. Clapham and Noel P. James

December 2012, Volume 27, Number 12

Fruit ecology of Eocene and Neogene plant assemblages in Europe: Tracing shifts in dispersal syndromes

Johanna Kovar-Eder, Ute C. Knörr, and Petr Mazouch

January 2011, Volume 26, Number 1

New insights on the taphonomy of the exceptional mammalian fossil sites of Cerro de los Batallones (late Miocene, Spain) based on rare earth element geochemistry

M. Soledad Domingo, Laura Domingo, Israel M. Sánchez, M. Teresa Alberdi, Beatriz Azanza, and Jorge Morales

March 2011, Volume 26, Number 3

Abundance biozone boundary types and characteristics determined using beta diversity: An example using Pleistocene benthonic foraminifera in DSDP Hole 148, eastern Caribbean Sea

Brent Wilson and Ashleigh Costelloe

April 2011, Volume 26, Number 4

Dynamics of a paleoecosystem reef associated with oceanic change in carbonate sedimentary regime and carbon cycling (Oxfordian, Swiss Jura)

Markus Bill, Luis O .Dogherty, and Peter O. Baumgartner

May 2011, Volume 26, Number 5

Calcareous nannofossils from Eastbourne (southeastern England) and the paleoceanography of the Cenomanian. Turonian Boundary interval

Christian Linnert, Jörg Mutterlose, and Rory Mortimore

June 2011, Volume 26, Number 6

Paleoclimatic and paleoecological implications of a Paleocene .Eocene fossil leaf assemblage, Chickaloon Formation, Alaska

David Sunderlin, Garrison Loope, Nancy E. Parker, and Christopher J. Williams

July 2011, Volume 26, Number 7

Fidelity of molluscan assemblages from the Touro Passo Formation (Pleistocene .Holocene), southern Brazil: Taphonomy as a tool for discovering natural baselines for freshwater communities

Fernando Erthal, Carla B. Kotzian, and Marcello G. Simões

The mollusk fauna of soft sediments from the tropical, upwelling-influenced shelf of Mauritania (northwestern Africa)

Julien Michel, Hildegard Westphal, and Rudo von Cosel

August 2011, Volume 26, Number 8

Paleoecological dynamics of Furongian (late Cambrian) trilobite-dominated communities from northwestern Argentina

Diego Balseiro, Beatriz G. Waisfeld, and N. Emilio Vaccari

A combined trace- and body-fossil approach reveals high-resolution record of oxygen fluctuations in Devonian seas

Diana L. Boyer and Mary L. Droser

September 2011, Volume 26, Number 9

Reconstructing paleocatchments by integrating stable isotope records, sedimentology, and taphonomy: A Late Cretaceous case study (Montana, United States)

Brady Z. Foreman, Henry C. Fricke, Kyger C. Lohmann, and Raymond R. Rogers

Ichnological record of environmental changes in early Quaternary (Gelasian .Calabrian) marine deposits of the Stirone Section, northern Italy

Peter Pervesler, Alfred Uchman, Johann Hohenegger, and Stefano Dominici

October 2011, Volume 26, Number 10

Integrated Plant Record (IPR) Vegetation Analysis applied to modern vegetation in South China and Japan

Vasilis Teodoridis, Johanna Kovar-Eder, and Petr Mazouch

November 2011, Volume 26, Number 11

Brachiopod shell discoloration as an indicator of taphonomic alteration in the deep-time fossil record

Sarah E. Kolbe, James J. Zambito IV, Carlton E. Brett, Julia L. Wise, and Ryan D. Wilson

Paleoecology of the olenid Trilobite Triarthrus: New evidence from Beecher's Trilobite Bed and other sites of pyritization

Úna C. Farrell, Derek E. G. Briggs, and Robert R. Gaines

December 2011, Volume 26, Number 12

Evaluating taphonomic bias of paleoecological data in fossil benthic foraminiferal assemblages

Christina L. Belanger

Terrestrial and aquatic neoichnological laboratory experiments with the freshwater crayfish Orconectes: Trackways on media of varying grain size, moisture, and inclination

Justin M. Fairchild and Stephen T. Hasiotis

January 2010, Volume 25, Number 1

The early Barremian warm pulse and the late Barremian cooling: A high-resolution geochemical record of the Boreal Realm

Matthias Malko.c and Jörg Mutterlose

On the completeness and fidelity of the quaternary bivalve record from the temperate Pacific coast of South America

Marcelo M. Rivadeneira

February 2010, Volume 25, Number 2

Carbonates in skeleton-poor seas: New insights from Cambrian and Ordovician strata of Laurentia

Sara B. Pruss, Seth Finnegan, Woodward W. Fischer, and Andrew H. Knoll

Dinosaur death pits from the Jurassic of China

David A. Eberth, Xu Xing, and James M. Clark

March 2010, Volume 25, Number 3

Effects of data categorization on paleocommunity analysis: A case study from the Pennsylvanian Finis Shale of Texas

Frank L. Forcino, Emily S. Stafford, Jared J. Warner, Amelinda E. Webb, Lindsey R. Leighton, Chris L. Schneider, Tova S. Michlin, Lauren M. Palazzolo, Jared R. Morrow, and Stephen A. Schellenberg

Paleoenvironmental interpretations based on foraminiferal abundance biozones, Mayo Limestone, Trinidad, West Indies, including alpha and beta diversities

Brent Wilson, Brian Jones, and Kimberly Birjue

The Decapoda (Crustacea) as predators on Mollusca through geologic time

Carrie E. Schweitzer and Rodney M. Feldmann

April 2010, Volume 25, Number 4

Leaf margin analysis: A new equation from humid to mesic forests in China

Tao Su, Yao-Wu Xing, Yu-Sheng (Christopher) Liu, Frédéric M.B. Jacques, Wen-Yun Chen, Yong-Jiang Huang, and Zhe-Kun Zhou

May 2010, Volume 25, Number 5

Taphonomy and paleoecology of a bonebed from the Prince Creek Formation, North Slope, Alaska

Roland A. Gangloff and Anthony R. Fiorillo

Phylogenetic community assembly over time in Eurasian Plio-Pleistocene mammals

Pasquale Raia

The effect of leaf orientation to sunlight on stomatal parameters of Quercus rubra around the Belgrade Lakes, central Maine

Rachel G. Daly and Robert A. Gastaldo

June 2010, Volume 25, Number 6

Epi- and endobionts on and in free-living colonies of Manicina areolata (Cnidaria, Scleractinia): A comparison of two Pleistocene communities from southern Florida

Peter J. Harries and James E. Sorauf

July 2010, Volume 25, Number 7

Reconstructing the paleoecology of Taung, South Africa from low magnification of dental microwear features in fossil primates

Frank L'Engle Williams and James W. Patterson

Mollusk species at a pliocene shelf whale fall (Orciano Pisano, Tuscany)

Silvia Danise, Stefano Dominici, and Ubaldo Betocchi

September 2010, Volume 25, Number 9

Could a stalked crinoid swim? A biomechanical model and characteristics of swimming crinoids

G. Alex Janevski and Tomasz K. Baumiller

October 2010, Volume 25, Number 10

Formation of deglacial microbialites in coral reefs off Tahiti (IODP 310) involving sulfate-reducing bacteria

Katrin Heindel, Daniel Birgel, Jörn Peckmann, Henning Kuhnert, and Hildegard Westphal

Stable carbon isotopes of benthic foraminifers from IODP Expedition 311 as possible indicators of episodic methane seep events in a gas hydrate geosystem

Qing Li, Jiasheng Wang, Jianwen Chen, and Qing Wei

November 2010, Volume 25, Number 11

Oxygen isotopes and climatic control of Oxfordian coral reefs (Jurassic, Tethys)

Bertrand Martin-Garin, Bernard Lathuilière, Jörn Geister, and Karl Ramseyer

December 2010, Volume 25, Number 12

Taphonomic controls on Ediacaran diversity: Uncovering the holdfast origin of morphologically variable enigmatic structures

Lidya G. Tarhan, Mary L. Droser, and James G. Gehling

January 2009, Volume 24, Number 1

Multivariate faunal analyses of the Turonian Bissekty Formation: Variation in the degree of marine influence in temporally and spatially averaged fossil assemblages

Cory M. Redman and Lindsey R. Leighton

February 2009, Volume 24, Number 2

Neoichnological experiments with masked chafer beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae): Implications for backfilled continental trace fossils

John W. Counts and Stephen T. Hasiotis

Soft-tissue preservation in Miocene frogs from Libros, Spain: Insights into the genesis of decay microenvironments

Maria E. McNamara, Patrick J. Orr, Stuart L. Kearns, Luis Alcalá, Pere Anadón, and Enrique Peñalver Mollá

March 2009, Volume 24, Number 3

Laboratory-controlled simulations of dinosaur footprints in sand: A key to understanding vertebrate track formation and preservation

Simon J. Jackson, Martin A. Whyte, and Mike Romano

Taphonomy of ediacaran acritarchs from Australia: Significance for taxonomy and biostratigraphy

Kathleen Grey and Sebastian Willman

May 2009, Volume 24, Number 5

The stratigraphic distribution of fossils in a tropical carbonate succession: Ordovician Bighorn Dolomite, Wyoming, USA

Steven M. Holland and Mark E. Patzkowsky

The Paleocene .Eocene thermal maximum: New data on microfossil turnover at the Zumaia Section, Spain

Laia Alegret, Silvia Ortiz, Xabier Orue-Etxebarria, Gilen Bernaola, Juan I. Baceta, Simonetta Monechi, Estibaliz Apellaniz, and Victoriano Pujalte

June 2009, Volume 24, Number 6

Ecological persistence in the Late Mississippian (Serpukhovian, Namurian A) megafloral record of the Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic

Robert A. Gastaldo, Eva Purkynová, Zbynek Šimunek, and Mark D. Schmitz

Using GIS To determine the effects of two common taphonomic biases on vertebrate fossil assemblages

Amy Chew and Kathryn Oheim

Stable isotopes, elemental distribution, and growth rings of belemnopsid belemnite rostra: Proxies for belemnite life habitat

Hubert Wierzbowski and Michael M. Joachimski

The taphonomic fidelity of seed size in fossil assemblages: A live-dead case study

Hallie J. Sims and Jason A. Cassara

July 2009, Volume 24, Number 7

Plant accumulations along the Itanhaém River Basin, southern coast of São Paulo State, Brazil

Fresia Ricardi-Branco, Fábio C. Branco, Ricardo J. F. Garcia, Rafael S. Faria, Sueli Y. Pereira, Rodrigo Portugal, Luiz C. Pessenda, and Paulo R. B. Pereira

Evolving mineralogy of cheilostome bryozoans

Paul D. Taylor, Noel P. James, Yvonne Bone, Piotr Kuklinski, and T. Kurt Kyser

First report of sublethal breakage-induced predation on Devonian bivalves

Judith Nagel-Myers, Gregory P. Dietl, and Carlton E. Brett

August 2009, Volume 24, Number 8

Taphonomy of vertebrate fossil assemblages from swampy circum-lake environments: An example from the late Eocene of Zambrana (Iberian Peninsula)

Ainara Badiola, Ana Berreteaga, Xabier Pereda-Suberbiola, Javier Elorza, Humberto Astibia, and Nestor Etxebarria

October 2009, Volume 24, Number 10

Variation in brachiopod preservation along a carbonate shelf-basin transect (Red Sea and Gulf of Aden): Environmental sensitivity of taphofacies

Adam Tomašových and Martin Zuschin

January 2008, Volume 23, Number 1

Can oxygen isotopes from turtle bone be used to reconstruct paleoclimates?

Samuel D. Matson and David L. Fox

February 2008, Volume 23, Number 2

Kinneyia-type wrinkle structures-Critical review and model of formation

Hubertus Porada, Julia Ghergut, and El Hafid Bouougri

Reworking diversity: Effects of storm deposition on evenness and sampled richness, Ordovician of the Basin and Range, Utah and Nevada, USA

Seth Finnegan and Mary L. Droser

The integrated plant record: An essential tool for reconstructing Neogene zonal vegetation in Europe

Johanna Kovar-Eder, Henriette Jechorek, Zlatko Kvacek, and Valentin Parashiv

March 2008, Volume 23, Number 3

Evolutionary history of cambrian spiculate sponges: Implications for the cambrian evolutionary fauna

Marcelo G. Carrera and Joseph P. Botting

Using simple body-size metrics to estimate fossil body volume: Empirical validation using diverse Paleozoic invertebrates

JPhilip M. Novack-Gottshall

April 2008, Volume 23, Number 4

Stable isotope and sr/ca profiles from the marine gastropod Conus ermineus: Testing a multiproxy approach for inferring paleotemperature and paleosalinity

D. Keith Gentry, Sindia Sosdian, Ethan L. Grossman, Yair Rosenthal, David Hicks, and Caroline H. Lear

Benthic paleoecology in the Givetian: An example from the Kersadiou Formation (Massif Armoricain, NW France)

Arnaud Botquelen and Patrick R. Racheboeuf

May 2008, Volume 23, Number 5

Mammalian communities document a latitudinal environmental gradient during the miocene climatic optimum in western Europe

Loïc Costeur and Serge Legendre

Comparative taphonomy and paleoecological reconstruction of two microvertebrate accumulations from the Late Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation (Maastrichtian), eastern Montana

Laura E. Wilson

A comparison of sampling and statistical techniques for analyzing bulk-sampled biofacies composition

James J. Zambito IV, Charles E. Mitchell, and H. David Sheets

June 2008, Volume 23, Number 6

Taphonomy of lacustrine interbeds in the Kirkpatrick Basalt (Jurassic), Antarctica

Alycia L. Stigall, Loren E. Babcock, Derek E. G. Briggs, and Stephen A. Leslie

Downslope fossil contamination: Mammal-bearing fluvial conglomerates and the Paleocene-Eocene faunal transition (Willwood Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming)

Aaron R. Wood, Mary J. Kraus, and Philip D. Gingerich

August 2008, Volume 23, Number 8

Traces and burrowing behaviors of the cicada nymph Cicadetta calliope: Neoichnology and paleoecological significance of extant soil-dwelling insects

Jon J. Smith and Stephen T. Hasiotis

Timing and selectivity of the Late Mississippian mass extinction of brachiopod genera from the Central Appalachian Basin

Matthew G. Powell

Growth differences in the saber teeth of three felid species

Robert S. Feranec

September 2008, Volume 23, Number 9

Identifying aquatic habits of herbivorous mammals through stable isotope analysis

Mark T. Clementz, Patricia A. Holroyd, and Paul L. Koch

Experimental taphonomy of Callinectes sapidus and cuticular controls on preservation

Matthew H.E. Mutel, David A. Waugh, Rodney M. Feldmann, and Karla M. Parsons-Hubbard

Using SHEBI (SHE analysis for biozone identification): To proceed from the top down or the bottom up? A discussion using two Miocene foraminiferal successions from Trinidad, West Indies

Brent Wilson

October 2008, Volume 23, Number 10

Analyzing variations in cephalopod abundances in shell concentrations: The combined effects of production and density-dependent cementation rates

Adam Tomasových, and Ján Schlögl

November 2008, Volume 23, Number 11

Biogeochemical and ecomorphological inferences on prey selection and resource partitioning among mammalian carnivores in an early Pleistocene community

Paul Palmqvist, Juan A. Pérez-Claros, Christine M. Janis, Borja Figueirido, Vanessa Torregrosa, and Darren R. Gröcke

Paleoecology of early .middle Permian marine communities in eastern Australia: Response to global climate change in the aftermath of the late Paleozoic ice age

Matthew E. Clapham* and Noel P. James

How are global patterns of faunal turnover expressed at regional scales? Evidence from the Upper Mississippian (Chesterian Series), Illinois Basin, USA

James R. Bonelli, Jr. and Mark E. Patzkowsky

December 2008, Volume 23, Number 12

Contrast in preservation of bivalve death assemblages in siliciclastic and carbonate tropical shelf settings

Mairi M.R. Best

Calcareous nannofossil and d13C records from the Early Cretaceous of the western Atlantic Ocean: Evidence for enhanced fertilization across the Berriasian .Valanginian transition

André Bornemann and Jörg Mutterlose

January 2007, Volume 22, Number 1

Unmixing Foraminiferal Assemblages: Polytopic Vector Analysis Applied to Yakataga Formation Sequences in the Offshore Gulf of Alaska

Sarah Diana Zellers, Anthony C. Gary

March 2007, Volume 22, Number 2

Isotopic ecology of the modern land snail Cerion, San Salvador, Bahamas: Preliminary advances toward establishing a low-latitude island paleoenvironmental proxy

Lisa M. Baldini, Sally E. Walker, L. Bruce Railsback, James U.L. Baldini, and Doug E. Crowe

First record of dinosaurs in the Late Jurassic of the Adriatic-Dinaridic Carbonate Platform (Croatia)

Aleksandar Mezga, Blanka Cvetko Tešovic, and Zlatan Bajraktarevic

May 2007, Volume 22, Number 3

Response of shallow marine biotas to sea-level fluctuations: A review of faunal replacement and the process of habitat tracking

Carlton E. Brett, Austin J.W. Hendy, Alex J. Bartholomew, James R. Bonelli, Jr., and Patrick I. McLaughlin

Signatures of sea-level rise on the carbonate margin of a Late Ordovician foreland basin: A case study from the Cincinnati Arch, USA

Patrick I. McLaughlin and Carlton E. Brett

Depositional dynamics and the record of ecosystem stability: Early Eocene faunal gradients in the Pyrenean Foreland, Spain

Stefano Dominici and Thorsten Kowalke

The stratigraphic and sedimentologic framework of fine-scale faunal replacements in the middle Miocene of the Vienna Basin (Austria)

Martin Zuschin, Mathias Harzhauser, and Oleg Mandic

Sequence stratigraphic anatomy of diversity patterns: Late Quaternary benthic mollusks of the Po Plain, Italy

Daniele Scarponi and Michal Kowalewski

July 2007, Volume 22, Number 4

Graptolites as indicators of maximum flooding surfaces in monotonous deep-water shelf successions

Sven Egenhoff and Jörg Maletz

Taphonomic variation despite catastrophic mortality: Analysis of a mass stranding of false killer whales (Pseudorca Crassidens), Gulf of California, Mexico

Pennie M. Liebig, Karl W. Flessa, and Ta-Shana A. Taylor

Gradient ecology of a biotic invasion: Biofacies of the type Cincinnatian Series (Upper Ordovician), Cincinnati, Ohio Region, USA

Steven M. Holland and Mark E. Patzkowsky

Carbon isotope records of terrestrial organic matter and occurrence of planktonic foraminifera from the Albian Stage of Hokkaido, Japan: Ocean–atmosphere δ¹³C trends and chronostratigraphic implications

Atsushi Ando and Takeshi Kakegawa

September 2007, Volume 22, Number 5

Significance of Atlantic Sturgeon Feeding Excavations, Mary's Point, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

Nadine J. Pearson, Murray K. Gingras, Ian A. Armitage, and S. George Pemberton

Inferring evolutionary order and durations using both stratigraphy and cladistics in a fossil lineage (Bryozoa: Peronopora)

Joseph F. Pachut and Robert L. Anstey

Rare earth element geochemistry and taphonomy of the Early Cretaceous Crystal Geyser Dinosaur Quarry, east-central Utah

Celina A. Suarez, Marina B. Suarez, Dennis O. Terry Jr., David E. Grandstaff

A highly diverse ichnofauna in Late Triassic deep-sea fan deposits Of Oman

Andreas Wetzel, Ingo Blechschmidt, Alfred Uchman, and Albert Matter

November 2007, Volume 22, Number 6

Potential paleoecologic biases from size-filtering of fossils: Strategies for sieving

Andrew M. Bush, Michal Kowalewski, Alan P. Hoffmeister, Richard K. Bambach, and Gwen M. Daley

Taphonomy of Diptera in lacustrine environments: A case study from Florissant Fossil Beds, Colorado

Dena M. Smith and Amy P. Moe-Hoffman

Influence of spatiotemporal scale on the interpretation of paleocommunity structure: Lateral variation in the Imperial Formation of California

Cory M. Redman, Lindsey R. Leighton, Stephen A. Schellenberg, Christopher N. Gale, Jennifer L. Nielsen, Donald L. Dressler, and Mary K. Klinger

High-resolution stable isotope profiles of a dimitobelid belemnite: Implications for paleodepth habitat and late Maastrichtian climate seasonality

Andrea Dutton, Brian T. Huber, Kyger C. Lohmann, and William J. Zinsmeister

April 2006, Volume 21, Number 2

The Oyster Crassostrea? hatcheri (Ortmann, 1897), a Physical Ecosystem Engineer from the Upper Oligocene-Lower Miocene of Patagonia, Southern Argentina

Parras, A., and Casadío, S.


Mangrove Forests and Marine Incursions in Neogene Amazonia (Lower Apaporis River, Colombia)

Hoorn, C.


June 2006, Volume 21, Number 3

The "Age of Crinoids": A Mississippian Biodiversity Spike Coincident with Widespread Carbonate Ramps

Kammer, Thomas W., and Ausich, William I.


Skeletal Extension Rates of Cenozoic Caribbean Reef Corals

Johnson, Kenneth G., and Pérez, M. Elena


August 2006, Volume 21, Number 4

A Quantitative Study of Benthic Faunal Patterns Within the Pennsylvanian and Early Permian

Bonuso, Nicole, and Bottjer, David J.


Brachiopod and Bivalve Ecology in the Late Triassic (Alps, Austria): Onshore-offshore Replacements Caused by Variations in Sediment and Nutrient Supply

Tomašových, Adam


October 2006, Volume 21, Number 5

Assessing the ecological dominance of Phanerozoic marine invertebrates

Clapham, Matthew E., Bottjer, David J., Powers, Catherine M., Bonuso, Nicole, Fraiser, Margaret L., Marenco, Pedro J., Dornbos, Stephen Q., and Pruss, Sara B.


Quantifying taphonomic bias in molluscan death assemblages from the Upper Chesapeake Bay: Patterns of shell damage

Lockwood, Rowan, and Work, Lauren A.


Taphonomy of the greater phyllopod bed community, Burgess Shale

Caron, Jean-Bernard, and Jackson, Donald A.


December 2006, Volume 21, Number 6

Sedimentary facies and trilobite biofacies along an Ordovician shelf to basin gradient, Viola Group, south-central Oklahoma

Amati, Lisa, and Westrop, Stephen R.


Sedimentary facies and trilobite biofacies along an Ordovician shelf to basin gradient, Viola Group, south-central Oklahoma

Brett, Carlton E., Allison, Peter A., Tsujita, Cameron J., Soldani, Donato, and Moffat, Heather A.


Genus richness in Cambrian-Ordovician benthic marine communities in North America

Peters, Shanan E.


February 2005, Volume 20, Number 1

Early Cambrian Food Chain: New Evidence from Fossil Aggregates in the Maotianshan Shale Biota, SW China

Vannier, J., and Chen, J.-Y.


April 2005, Volume 20, Number 2

Molluscan Taphofacies in Recent Carbonate Reef/Lagoon Systems and their Application to Sub-Fossil Samples from Reef Cores

Parsons-Hubbard, K.


June 2005, Volume 20, Number 3

Reconstruction of Different Wetland Plant Habitats of the Pannonian Basin System (Neogene, Eastern Austria)

Hofmann, C.-C. and Zetter, R.


Non-Predatory Shell Damage in Neogene Western Atlantic Deep-Burrowing Bivalves

Alexander R.R., and Dietl, G.P.


August 2005, Volume 20, Number 4

Evaluating the Relationship Between Pedofacies and Faunal Composition: Implications for Faunal Turnover at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary

Clyde, W.C., Finarelli, J.A., and Christensen, K.E.


October 2005, Volume 20, Number 5

Taphonomic Trends of Macrofloral Assemblages Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary, Karoo Basin, South Africa

Robert A. Gastaldo, Rose Adendorff, Marion Bamford, Conrad C. Labandeira, Johann Neveling, and Hallie Sims


Leaf Margin Analysis: taphonomic constraints

Greenwood, D.R.


December 2005, Volume 20, Number 6

The sequence stratigraphic and environmental context of primitive vertebrates: Harding Sandstone, Upper Ordovician, Colorado, USA

Allulee, J.L., and Holland, S.M.


A New Method of Dental Microwear Analysis: Application to Extant Primates and Ouranopithecus macedoniensis (Late Miocene of Greece)

Merceron, G., Blondel, C., De Bonis, L., Koufos, G.D., and Viriot L.


April 2004, Volume 19, Number 2

Closing the Phosphatization Window: Testing for the Influence of Taphonomic Megabias on the Pattern of Small Shelly Fossil Decline

Porter, S.


August 2004, Volume 19, Number 4

Ecosystem Structure and Stability: Middle Upper Ordovician of Central Kentucky, USA

Holland, S.M., and Patzkowsky, M.E.


Biomolecular and Physical Taphonomy of Angiosperm Leaf During Early Decay: Implications for Fossilization

Gupta, N.S., and Pancost, R.D.


October 2004, Volume 19, Number 5

Postmortem Durability and Population Dynamics Affecting the Fidelity of Brachiopod Size-Frequency Distributions

Tomasovych, A.


June 2003, Volume 18, Number 3

Characterization of Depositional Environments in Isolated Carbonate Platforms Based on Benthic Foraminifera, Belize, Central America

Gischler, E., Hauser, I., Heinrich, K., and Scheitel, U.


Digital Future for Paleoclimate Estimation from Fossil Leaves? Preliminary Results

Huff, P.M., Wilf, P., and Azumah, E.J.


October 2003, Volume 18, Number 4-5

An Integrated Calcareous Microfossil Biostratigraphic and Carbon-Isotope Stratigraphic Framework for the La Luna Formation, Western Venezuela

de Romero, L., Truskowski, I.M., Bralower, T.J., Bergen, J.A., Odreman, O., Zachos, J.C., Galea-Alvarez, F.A.


Sieves and Fossils: Effects of Mesh Size on Paleontological Patterns

Kowalewski, M., and Hoffmeister, A.P.


October 2002, Volume 17, Number 5

Testing the utility of vertebrate remains in recognizing patterns in fluvial deposits: An example from the lower Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta

Straight, William H., and Eberth, David A.


Paleocommunity Reconstruction from Shell Beds - A Case Study from the Main Glauconite Bed, Eocene, Texas

Zuschin, Martin, and Stanton Jr., Robert J.


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