John Sanders Endowment

This fund is named in honor of the late John E. Sanders, a well-known sedimentologist who taught at Yale (1954-1965) and Barnard College of Columbia University (1969-1989). Sanders was born in 1926 and completed his undergraduate work in Geology at Ohio Wesleyan University. He received his Ph.D. from Yale in 1953. His work on the Triassic Rift System, turbidity currents, and coastal sedimentation remains pioneering to this day. As a concerned environmentalist, he was one of the earliest scientists to recognize that geologic principles can be applied in documenting and mitigating environmental problems. Author and co-author of numerous papers and several textbooks, including the Principles of Sedimentology, Sanders died in 1999.

The fund will be used to support student research in the areas of coastal or environmental geology. Awardees should acknowledge the funding source in any resulting Masters theses, Ph. D. Dissertations, and other publications.

To apply for a Sanders Student Research Grant, submit by January 15 , the following information to:

Dr. J. Frederick (Rick) Sarg

Colorado School of Mines

Dept. Geol. & Geol. Eng.

1516 Illinois St.

Golden, CO 80401



  1. A statement (typed, single-spaced; no more than a single page in length) that succinctly summarized the objectives of the student's project.
  2. A budget that shows each anticipated category of expenditure and justification for it.
  3. Letters of support mailed directly to the President from the student's adviser and from one other member of the faculty in the department in which he/she is enrolled. The letter from the adviser must include a statement certifying that the student is in good academic standing at the time of the application and that she/he has completed at least one semester of graduate study.

Applications will be evaluated by a committee whose members will select the awardee(s). The successful applicant(s) will be notified of the award by May 15. The minimum award will be $500, the maximum is determined by investment income.