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2024 Perkins-Rosen GCSSEPM RC

2024 Perkins-Rosen GCSSEPM RC

2-4 December 2024 Houston, TX at Equinor US

Old Rocks, New Energies

The Energy Transition the Gulf Coast and Basin

Announcement and Call for Papers

 Areas of potential CO2 storage for the Lower Miocene 2 of Texas and Louisiana, combining CO2 suitability (depth range between supercritical cutoff and Top of Hard Overpressure (0.70 psi/ft) with reservoir grain volume (inverted porosity) (Snedden, Sweet, and Whiteaker, GBDS UT-Austin).


The Gulf Coast and adjacent basins are poised to become a hub for new energies, including continuing and emerging sources such as geothermal and hydrogen, as well as serving as a storage repository for anthropogenic carbon in the subsurface of onshore and offshore areas. The GCSSEPM Foundation 40th Annual Perkins-Rosen Research conference will open with thoughts on the challenges of the energy transition, broad insights on basin fundamentals, and using that knowledge to guide our thinking on these new energy sources and subsurface storage requirements.


This broad research conference aims to attract a diverse set of papers illuminating the near-term and long-range energy future of this complex yet prolific energy-producing sedimentary basin. It will further offer opportunities to explore the range of resource potential in the basin, as well as network with other Gulf basin researchers.


The conference themes will include:


  1. Overview of the new energy challenge for the Gulf Basin
  2. Gulf Basin fundamentals relevant to the new energies
  3. Carbon capture and storage: simulation, modeling, and site characterization
  4. Hydrogen (H2) underground storage and utilization
  5. Geothermal energy: subsurface occurrence and practical application
  6. Water and critical mineral resources in the Gulf Coast subsurface
  7. Transition of existing O&G skills to the new energies; new workforce ideas
  8. Machine learning for alternative energies and critical minerals


A mix of invited and volunteered oral and poster presentations will be accompanied by potential short courses and core workshops in Houston, Texas. Student poster sessions and presentations are encouraged.

Numerical modeling of injected C02 plume movement into various small scale bedform types (Ni and Ubilius, BEG UT Austin)


 Important Dates and Deadlines P-R 2024:

May 17, 2024

Expression of interest:

Technical presentation, Core Workshop, Panel discussion 

*Provide title of presentation and brief summary

July 3, 2024

Preliminary Program Announced


August 16, 2024

Abstracts, Extended Abstracts and Full papers due.     

 September 2024 Registration Opens

October 18, 2024

Final edited manuscript and illustrations due.

December 2-4, 2024


Onsite Conference begins. 

Equinor USA

2107 CityWest Blvd, 

Houston, TX 77042

"Preparation of the Preliminary Program is actively underway, but it is still possible to express interest or discuss a possible technical presentation, core workshop, or panel discussion topic. Contact one or more of the conveners at the email addresses provided. For more information, or to sponsor the Conference, contact John R. Suter, Executive Director, The GCSSEPM Foundation at"

Abstract submission opening soon! 


Organizing Committee - Conveners

  • Clare Falcon: - Louisiana Geological Survey, Baton Rouge, LA, Lead Convener
  • John Snedden: - UT Institute for Geophysics, Austin, TX
  • Cindy Yeilding: – Houston, TX

The GCSSEPM Foundation supports and complies with the SEPM Code of Conduct

Thank you to our sponsors!

Recap of the 2023 GCSSEPM P-R Meeting in Houston, TX at Equinor US

Post event meeting report by Jon Rotzien: 

GCSSEPM_Perkins_Rosen_Review_Final edits.pdf

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