Raymond C. Moore Medal for Paleontology

SEPM President (2017-2018), Maria Mutti, with 2018 Moore Medal Awardee, William Ausich (left to right).

The Raymond C. Moore Paleontology Medal is awarded in recognition of "Excellence in Paleontology."

Nominees for the medal will be persons who have a significant record of outstanding contributions in paleontology, especially those aspects of paleontology that bear on a major objective of this Society which Professor Moore helped to establish, that is, to promote the science of stratigraphy through research in paleontology and evolution, and the use of fossils for interpretations of paleoecology. Recognition is not to be limited to members of the Society or other professional organizations, nor to citizens of any one country. Recipients of the Moore Medal are eligible as later nominees for the Twenhofel Medal.

All nominees must be 20+ years since PhD (or equivalent degree).

Link to Nomination Form

Any additional nomination materials should be sent to

Hayley Cooney

Membership Coordinator