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2019, Volume 89

2018, Volume 88

Volume 87

January 2017, Issue 1

Estimation of source-to-sink mass balance by a fulcrum approach using channel paleohydrologic parameters of the Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, Canada

Wen Lin and Janok P. Bhattacharya

Appendices 1 and 2

February 2017, Issue 2

Provenance signatures recorded in transgressive sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous Iberian Seaway

Laura González-Acebrón, Carlos Pérez-Garrido, Ramón Mas, José Arribas, and Jens Götze

Appendix 1

April 2017, Issue 4

How to interpret, understand, and predict stratal geometries using stratal-control spaces and stratal-control-space trajectories

Peter M. Burgess and Ron J. Steel

stratSpaceGUI source codeReadMe instructionss for stratSpacegui.mEustacy ODF input fileSubsidence PDF input fileSupply PDF input fileTrajectory input file

Chronostratigraphic correlation of lacustrine deposits using 87Sr/86Sr ratios, Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming, U.S.A.

M’bark Baddouh, Alan R. Carroll, Stephen R. Meyers, Brian L. Beard, and Clark M. Johnson

Table S1Table S2Table S3

May 2017, Issue 5

Continental paleotemperatures from an Early Cretaceous Dolomitic Lake, Gansu Province, China

Marina B. Suarez, Gregory A. Ludvigson, Luis A. González, and Hai-Lu You

XRD curvesRaw and corrected clumped-isotope dataXRD intensity data Alternate temperature and water isotope data

June 2017, Issue 6

Provenance of lower Paleogene strata in the Huerfano Basin: implications for uplift of the Wet Mountains, Colorado, U.S.A.

Dirk M. Rasmussen and Brady Z. Foreman


Siltstones across the Daptocephalus (Dicynodon) and Lystrosaurus Assemblage Zones, Karoo Basin, South Africa, show no evidence for aridification

Jiawen Li, Robert A. Gastaldo, Johann Neveling, and John W. Geissman

MethodsSupplemental Table 1Supplemental Table 2Supplemental Table 3Supplemental Table 4

July 2017, Issue 7

Development of “phylloid-algal” carbonate mounds during regression: expanding the build-and-fill model

Stephan C. Oborny, Bradley D. Cramer, Philip H. Heckel, Gregory A. Ludvigson, and Robert W. Henthorne

Supplemental Data S1Supplemental Data S2Supplemental Data S3 (part 1)Supplemental Data S3 (part 2) Supplemental Data S3 (part 3)

Evaluating controls on crevasse-splay size: implications for floodplain-basin filling

Craig Millard, Elizabeth Hajek, and Doug A. Edmonds

Supplement 1Supplement 2

August 2017, Issue 8

Fine-grained debris flows in coarse-grained alluvial systems: paleoenvironmental implications for the late Paleozoic Fountain and Cutler formations, Colorado, U.S.A.

Dustin E. Sweet

Fountain Formation Stratigraphic ColumnCutler Formation Stratigraphic Column

A discontinuous ephemeral stream transporting mud aggregates in a continental rift basin: the Late Triassic Maleri Formation, India

Sanghita Dasgupta, Parthasarathi Ghosh, and Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch

Supplemental Table

Interactions of a Paleocene river, a rising fold, and early-diagenetic concretions

David B. Loope and Ross Secord

Paleocurrent Diagrams

Discovery of Paleogene deposits of the central High Plains Aquifer in the western Great Plains, U.S.A.

Jon J. Smith, Greg A. Ludvigson, Anthony Layzell, Andreas Möller, R. Hunter Harlow, Elijah Turner, Brian Platt, and Michael Petronis

LA-ICP-MS-U-Pb Zircon Dataset

Hierarchical architecture of sequences and bounding surfaces in a depositional-dip transect of the fluvio-deltaic Ferron Sandstone (Turonian), southeastern Utah, U.S.A.

Jesse T. Korus and Christopher R. Fielding

Figure 12

September 2017, Issue 9

Petrography and environmental interpretation of tufa mounds and carbonate beds in the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone of southeastern Utah, U.S.A.

Liam J. Dorney, Judith Totman Parrish, Marjorie A. Chan, and Stephen T. Hasiotis

Supplemental Table 1Supplemental Table 2Supplemental Figure 1Supplemental Figure 1 CaptionSupplemental Figure 2Supplemental Figure 2 Caption

November 2017, Issue 11

Tracing transcontinental sand transport: from Anatolia–Zagros to the Rub' Al Khali Sand Sea

Eduardo Garzanti, Pieter Vermeesch, Khalid Abdulsamad Al-Ramadan, Sergio Andò, Mara Limonta, Martin Rittner, and Giovanni Vezzoli

Arabia and Gulf.kmzDatasets A1, A2, and A3Appendix AAppendix B

Quantifying mixed-process variability in shallow-marine depositional systems: What are sedimentary structures really telling us?

Valentina M. Rossi, Mauricio M. Perillo, Ronald J. Steel, and Cornel Olariu

Supplemental Tables 1 and 2

Sandstone diagenesis in sediment-lava sequences: exceptional examples of volcanically driven diagenetic compartmentalization in Dune Valley, Huab Outliers, NW Namibia

Clayton Grove, Dougal A. Jerram, Jon G. Gluyas, and Richard J. Brown

Appendix 1Appendix 2Appendix 3

Volume 86

March 2016 Issue 3,

Carbonate deposition in restricted basins: a pliocene case study from the central Mediterranean (northwestern Apennines), Italy

Ronald Nalin, Massimiliano Ghinassi, Luca M. Foresi, and Edoardo Dallanave

Supplement 1Supplement 2

April 2016 Issue 4,

Microbial origin of early animal trace fossils?

Giulio Mariotti, Sara B. Pruss, Xuyuan Ai, Jay T. Perron, and Tanya Bosak

Supplemental TextVideo 1Video 2Video 3Video 4Video 5Video 6Video 7Video 8Video 9Video 10Video 11Video 12

Campanian paleoseismites of the Elk Basin anticline, northern Bighorn Basin, U.S.A.: a record of initial Laramide deformation

William T. Jackson, Jr., Mervin J. Bartholomew, William R. Dupré, Taylor F. Armstrong, and Kevin G. Stewart

Supplemental File

May 2016 Issue 5,

Sulfate–borate association (glauberite–probertite) in the Emet basin: implications for evaporite sedimentology (middle Miocene, Turkey)

Federico Ortí, Laura Rosell, Javier García-Veigas, Cahít Helvaci

Table ATable BTable C

Assessment of backwater controls on the architecture of distributary-channel fills in a tide-influenced coastal-plain succession: Campanian Neslen Formation, U.S.A.

Luca Colombera, Michelle N. Shiers, and Nigel P. Mountney

Description of Channel-Fills

Assessment of backwater controls on the architecture of distributary-channel fills in a tide-influenced coastal-plain succession: Campanian Neslen Formation, U.S.A.

Luca Colombera, Michelle N. Shiers, and Nigel P. Mountney

Supplemental Data

June 2016 Issue 6,

Comparison of 226Ra/238U and 228Th/228Ra disequilibrium with weathering indices in beach sand sediments from Greece

Argyrios Papadopoulos, Antonios Koroneos, Georgios Christofides, and Stylianos Stoulos

Appendix AAppendix BAppendix C

Potassium distribution and metasomatism in pelites and schists: how and when, relation to postdepositional events

Peter C. van de Kamp

Appendix Table 1Appendix References

The Lower Cretaceous Atzompa Formation in south-central Mexico: record of evolution from extensional backarc basin margin to carbonate platform

María I. Sierra-Rojas, Roberto S. Molina-Garza, and Timothy F. Lawton

Appendix AAppendix BAppendix B1Appendix B2Appendix B3Appendix B4Appendix CAppendix C1Appendix D

July 2016 Issue 7,

Paleosol diagenesis and its deep-time paleoenvironmental implications, Pennsylvanian–Permian Lodève Basin, France

Lauren A. Michel, Neil J. Tabor, and Isabel P. Montañez

Appendix 1Appendix 2

August 2016 Issue 8,

Swell-dominated carbonates on a Mississippian ramp in the Canadian Rocky Mountain front ranges

Edward J. Matheson, Robert W. Dalrymple, and Noel P. James

Supplemental File 1Supplemental File 2Supplemental File 3

Basin analysis of the Albian–Santonian Xigaze forearc, Lazi region, South-Central Tibet

Devon A. Orme and Andrew K. Laskowski

Appendix 1Appendix 2

October 2016 Issue 10,

Co-evolution of volcanic and lacustrine systems in Pleistocene Long Valley Caldera, California, U.S.A.

Benjamin S. Murphy, Robert R. Gaines, and Jade Star Lackey

AppendixAppendix Figure 1Appendix Figure 2

Diagenetic origins of the calcite microcrystals that host microporosity in limestone reservoirs

Franek J. Hasiuk, Stephen E. Kaczmarek, and Shawn M. Fullmer

Supplemental FileAppendix Table 1

Sand compositional changes as a support for sequence-stratigraphic interpretation: the middle upper Pleistocene to Holocene deposits of the Roman Basin (Rome, Italy)

Daniel Tentori, Kathleen M. Marsaglia, and Salvatore Milli

Appendix Figure 1Table A1Table A2Table A3Table A4

Stylolites and porosity in a Lower Cretaceous limestone reservoir, onshore Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Stephen N. Ehrenberg, Sadoon Morad, Liu Yaxin, and Rulin Chen

Core DescriptionsData Tables

November 2016 Issue 11,

Spatial analysis of channel belt stacking patterns: metrics to discriminate between local and regional controls on deposition in the fluvial John Henry Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation, southern Utah, U.S.A.

Wassim Benhallam, Alexandre Turner, Lisa Stright, and Cari Johnson

Point Pattern Analysis Methods

Whence the Gosport Sand (upper middle Eocene, Alabama)? The origin of glauconitic shell beds in the Paleogene of the U.S. Gulf Coastal Plain

Carlie Pietsch, H. Cliff Harrison, and Warren D. Allmon

AppendixTable 1Table 2Table 3Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3Figure 4

A sedimentological process-based approach to depositional reservoir quality of deep-marine sandstones: an example from the Springar Formation, northwestern Vøring Basin, Norwegian Sea

Kristin W. Porten, Ian A. Kane, Michal J. Warchol, and Sarah J. Southern


Detrital history of the Lower Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation in the Cahaba Synclinorium of Alabama, U.S.A.

Ashraf Uddin, Willis E. Hames, Tara Peavy, and Jack C. Pashin

Supplemental File ASupplemental File B

Travertines associated with hyperalkaline springs: evaluation as a proxy for paleoenvironmental conditions and sequestration of atmospheric CO2

Thomas Leleu, Valérie Chavagnac, Adélie Delacour, Catherine Noiriel, Georges Ceuleneer, Markus Aretz, Céline Rommevaux, and Sandra Ventalon


Detrital zircon mixing and partitioning in fluvial to deep marine systems, central California, U.S.A.

Zachary T. Sickmann, Charles K. Paull, and Stephan A. Graham

Appendix 1Appendix 2

December 2016 Issue 12,

Provenance signals in the Piceance Creek basin: unroofing of the Sawatch Range and extent of the early Paleogene California River system (Colorado, U.S.A.)

Brady Z. Foreman and Dirk M. Rasmussen

Supplemental Data

Pretreatment for removal of organic material is not necessary for X-ray-diffraction determination of mineralogy in temperate skeletal carbonate

Abigail M. Smith, Marcus M. Key, Jr., Zoe E. Henderson, V. Christine Davis, and David J. Winter

Supplemental Data

Volume 85

January 2015, no. 1,

Acoustic imaging of experimental subaqueous sediment-laden flowa and their deposits

Mauricio Perillo, Brandon Minton, Jim Buttles, and David Mohrig

Figure 3A

Isotopic and elemental evidence for meteoric alteration of a Pennsylvanian phylloid-algal mound, Holder Formation, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Matthew S. Wasson and Kyger C Lohmann

Isotopic and Elemental Data

February 2015, no. 2,

Interpreting paleo-avulsion dynamics from multistory sand bodies

Ellen P. Chamberlin and Elizabeth A. Hajek

Supplement 1Supplement 2

Statistical estimation of the position of an apex: application to the geological record

Amanda Owen, Peter E. Jupp, Gary J. Nichols, Adrian J. Hartley, Gary S. Weissmann, and Dinara Sadykova

Paleocurrent Measurements

March 2015, no. 3,

Chemical fingerprinting, a precise and efficient way to determine sediment sources

Dennis A. Darby, Wesley Meyers, Stephen Herman, and Brit Nicholson

MATLAB programMATLAB explanationTable A1Table A2Table A3Table A4EPMA settingsOptical coding criteriaElement coding criteria

April 2015, no. 4,

Stratigraphic completeness of carbonate-dominated records from continental interiors versus continental margins: stratigraphic thinning occurs via condensation and omission at multiple scales

Mara Brady

Meter-scale database

May 2015, no. 5,

Drowning of the Triassic Yangtze Platform, south China, by tectonic subsidence into toxic deep waters of an anoxic basin

Marcello Minzoni, Daniel J. Lehrmann, Erich Dezoeten, Paul Enos, Paul Montgomery, Adrian Berry, Yanjiao Qin, Yu Meiyi, Brooks B. Ellwood, and Jonathan L. Payne


June 2015, no. 6,

Andean forearc dynamics, as recorded by detrital zircon from the Eocene Talara Basin, northwest Peru

Angela M. Hessler and Andrea Fildani


Grain-size controls on the morphology and internal geometry of river-dominated deltas

Alexander P. Burpee, Rudy L. Slingerland, Douglas A. Edmonds, Daniel Parsons, Jim Best, James Cederberg, Andrew McGuffin, Rebecca Caldwell, Austin Nijhuis, and Jordan Royce

Read Me File

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File 1, File 2, File 3, File 4, File 5

Fluvial–eolian interactions in sediment routing and sedimentary signal buffering: an example from the Indus Basin and Thar Desert

Amy E. East, Peter D. Clift, Andrew Carter, Anwar Alizai, and Sam VanLaningham

Table 1

August 2015, no. 8,

D18O and D13C variability in brachiopods from modern shelf sediments and its utility for understanding complex oceanography, southern Australian Shelf

Ryan S. Dhillon, Noel P. James, T. Kurt Kyser, and Yvonne Bone

Data Sets

Along-strike variations in stratigraphic architecture of shallow-marine reservoir analogues: Upper Cretaceous Panther Tongue delta and coeval shoreface, Star Point Sandstone, Wasatch Plateau, Central Utah, U.S.A.

Andrea Forzoni, Gary Hampson, and Joep Storms


September 2015, no. 9,

Laramide signals and architecture of a widespread fluvial sand sheet: Canyon Creek Member, southern Wyoming, U.S.A.

 Julio Leva López and Ronald J. Steel

Figure A1Table A1Table A2Table A3

November 2015, no. 11,

Provenance and depositional ages of late Paleogene fluvial sedimentary rocks in the central Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.

Majie Fan, Alex Mankin, and Kevin Chamberlain

Table DR 1, Table DR 2

December 2015, no. 12,

Fluvial facies architecture and sequence stratigraphy of the Tertiary Duchesne River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, U.S.A.

Takashi Sato and Marjorie A. Chan

Appendix Part 1Appendix Part 2

Paleofluid evolution in fault-damage zones: evidence from fault–fold interaction events in the Jabal Qusaybah Anticline (Adam Foothills, North Oman)

Mahtab Mozafari, Rudy Swennen, Fabrizio Balsamo, Luca Clemenzi, Fabrizio Storti, Hamdy El Desouky, Frank Vanhaecke, Christian Tueckmantel, John Solum, and Conxita Taberner

Appendix Table A2

Volume 84

February 2014, no. 2,

Provenance of the Cretaceous Athabasca Oil Sands Canada: implications for continental-scale sediment transport

C. Benyon et al.

Detrital zircon analysis

April 2014, no. 4,

Rheological complexity in sediment gravity flows forced to decelerate against a confining slope

M. Patacci, P.D.W. Haughton, and W.D. McCaffrey

Appendix: Correlation PanelCaption

May 2014, no. 5,

Late Cretaceous fluvial-megafan and axial-river systems in the southern Cordilleran foreland basin: Drip Tank Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation and adjacent strata, southern utah, U.S.A.

T.F. Lawton, W.L. Schellenbach, and A.E. Nugent

Table DR-1

Multiple dolomitization episodes in deep-water limestones of the Triassic Lagonegro basin (southern Italy): from early reflux to tectonically drive fluid flow

T. Gabellone, A. Iannace, and M. Gasparini

Table ATable B

July 2014, no. 7,

Cenomanian to Campanian carbon isotope chemostratigraphy from the Western Interior Basin, U.S.A.

Young Ji Joo and Bradley B. Sageman

Supplement 1Supplement 2aSupplement 2b

August 2014, no. 8,

Grain-size components as markers of origin and depositional processes in the coastal zone of the Golfe du Lion (Mediterranean Sea, France)

J. Paul Barusseau and Raphael Braud

Appendix 1

October 2014, no. 10,

Paleoslope reconstruction in sandy suspended-load-dominant rivers

Ranie M. Lynds, David Mohrig, Elizabeth A. Hajek, and Paul L. Heller

Supplement 1 Supplement 2

November 2014, no. 11,

Multi-taxa isotopic investigation of paleohydrology in the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, eastern Utah, U.S.A.: Deciphering effects of the Nevadaplano Plateau on regional climate

Celina A Suarez, Luis A. Gonzalez, Gregory A. Ludvigson, James I. Kirkland, Richard L. Cifelli, and Matthew J. Kohn

Supplemental Table 1 Supplemental Table 2Supplemental Table 3Supplemental Table 4

Lava-sediment interaction and drainage-system delovepment in a large igneous province: Columbia River Flood Basalt Province, Washington State, U.S.A.

Alena Ebinghaus, Adrian J. Hartley, David W. Jolley, Malcolm Hole and John Millett


Carbonate sediment production, transport, and supplt to a coral cay at Raine Reef, northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia: a facies approach

John L. Dawson and Scott G. Smithers

Supplemental Table 1

Clumped-isotope constraints on cement paragenesis in septarial concretions

Sean J. Loyd, J.A.D Dickson, James R. Boles, and Aradhna K. Tripati

Supplemental Data Table 1

Volume 83

January 2013, no. 1

Fourier grain-shape analysis of Antarctic marine core: the relative influence of provenance and glacial activity on grain shape

Daniel N. Livsey, Alexander R. Simms, Warren G. Clary, Julia S. Wellner, John B. Anderson, and John P. Chandler

Supplemental TextFigure1Figure 2Figure 3

Syndepositional deformation features in high-relief carbonate platforms: long-lived conduits for diagenetic fluids

David A. Budd, Edmund L. Frost, III, Katherine W. Huntington, and Patricia F. Allwardt

Table 1Table 2

Unconformity-bounded stratigraphic units (UBSUs) in an Italian alluvial-plain area: recognizing and dating

Vincenzo De Santis, Massimo Cladara, Luigi Pennetta, Trinidad Torres, and Jose Eugenio Ortiz

Appendix 1

February 2013, no. 2

Cryogenic cave pearls in the periglacial zone of ice caves

Karel Zak, Monika Orvosova, Michael Filippi, Lukas Vlcek, Bogdan P. Onac, Aurel Persoiu, Jan Rohovec, and Ivo Svetlik

Supplement 1

March 2013, no. 3

Distinguishing similar volcanic source areas from an integrated provenance analysis: implications for foreland Andean basins

Augusto N. Varela, Lucia E. Gomez-Peral, Sebastian Richiano, and Daniel G. Poire

Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4

April 2013, no. 4

Stable isotope geochemistry of Vertisols formed on marine limestone and implications for deep-time paleoenvironmental reconstructions

Lauren A. Michel, Steven G. Driese, Lee C. Nordt, Daniel O. Breeker, Dana M. Labotka, and Stephen I. Dworkin

Appendix AAppendix BAppendix CAppendix D

Environmental factors controlling the delta13C and delta18O variations of recent fluvial tufas: a twelve-year record from the Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park (NE Iberian Peninsula)

M. Cinta Osacar, Concha Arenas, Marta Vasquez-Urbez, Carlos Sancho, Luis F. Auque, and Gonzalo Pardo


July 2013, no. 7

Quartz cementation history of sandstones revealed by high-resolution SIMS oxygen isotope analysis

Joseph Harwood, Andrew C. Aplin, Claire I. Fialips, James E. Iliffe, Reinhard Kozdon, Takayuki Ushikubo, and John W. Valley

Supplemental Material

August 2013, no. 8

Geochemical correlation in an exhumed submarine channel complex (Tabernas Basin, SE Spain): comparison to sedimentological correlation at various length scales

Michaela Aehnelt, Richard H. Worden, Andrew C. Canham, Stephen J. Hill, David M. Hodgson, and Stephen S. Flint

Appendix 1 Appendix 2

The effect of drainage reorganization and climate on the sedimentologic evolution of intermontane lake systems: the final fill stage of the tertiary Ebro Basin (Spain)

Marta Vazquez-Urbez, Concha Arenas, Gonzalo Pardo, and Javier Perez-Rivares

Appendix 1Appendix 2

Graphic logging for interpreting process-generated stratigraphic sequences and aquifer/reservior potential: with analog shelf to shoreface examples from the Atlantic Coastal Plain Province, U.S.A.

Kathleen M. Farrell, W. Burleigh Harris, David J. Mallinson, Stephen J. Culver, Stanley R. Riggs, John F. Wehmiller, Jseeica Pierson Moore, Jean M. Self-Train, and Jeff C. Lautier

Key to symbols Graphic log templage-gammaGraphic log template-resistivity

September 2013, no. 9

Tracing clastic delivery to the Permian Delaware Basin, U.S.A.: implications for paleogeography and circulation in westernmost equatorial Pangea

Gerilyn S. Soreghan and Michael J. Soreghan

U-Pb geochronologic analyses

October 2013, no. 10

Lakes, loess, and paleosols in the Permian Wellington Formation of Oklahoma, U.S.A.: implications for paleoclimate and paleogeography of the midcontinent

Jessica M. Giles, Michael J. Soreghan, Kathleen C. Benison, Gerilyn S. Soreghan, and Stephen T. Hasiotis

Appendix 1

November 2013, no. 11

Petrological and geochemical constraints on provenance, paleoweathering, and tectonic setting of the Neoproterozoic sedimentary basin in the eastern Jiangnan Orogen, South China

Wei Wang and Mei-Fu Zhou

Supplemental Table 1Supplemental Table 2Supplemental Table 3

Pb ages of detrital zircons in realtion to geodynamic models: Paleozoic of the Northern Gemercium (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

Anna Vozarova, Dusan Laurinc, Katarina Sarinova, Alexander Larinov, Sergey Presnyakov, Nickolay Rodinov, and Ilya Paderin

Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6

December 2013, no. 12

Carbonate lake deposits associated with distal siliciclastic perennial-river systems

Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch, David B. Finklestein, Jessie J. Truchan Holland, and Kevin D. Kallini

Supplement 1Supplement 2

Root calcretes and uranium-bearing silcretes at sedimentary discontinuities in the Miocene of the Madrid Basin (Toledo, Spain)

M. Angeles Bustillo, Chloe Plet, and Ana M. Alsonso-Zarza

Major-element concentrationsMinor-element concentrationsRare-Earth element concentrations

Assessing detrital garnet chemical concentration as a quantitative provenance tool: a multivariate statistical approach

Jack Hietpas, Scott Samson, Jacqueline Speir, and David Moecher

Sampling locationsSource rock compositionsDetrital garnet compositions

A linkage amoung Pangean tectonism, cyclic alluviation, climate change, and biologic turnover in the Late Triassic: the record from the Chinle Formation, southwestern United States

Stacy C. Atchley, Lee C. Nordt, Stephen I. Dworkin, Jahander Ramezani, William G. Parker, Sidney R. Ash, and Samuel A. Bowring

Appendix A

Experimental investigation of sediment-dominated vs. tectonics-dominated sediment transport systems in subsiding basins

Kyle M. Straub, Chris Paola, Wonsuck Kim, and Ben Sheets

Movie 1Movie 2

Concentration-dependent flow stratification in experimental high-density turbidity currents and their relevance to turbidite facies models

Matthieu J.B. Cartigny, Joris T. Eggenhuisen, Ernst W.M. Hansen, and George Postma


Volume 82

January 2012, no. 1

Geochemical constraints on the provenance and depositional setting of the Devonian Luiling Group, East Qinling Mountains, Central China: implications for the tectonic evolution of the Qiling orogenic belt

Zhen Yan, Zongqi Wang, Quanren Yan, Tao Wang, and Xianqing Guo

Appendices 1-3 (doc)

Appendices 1-3

February 2012, no. 2

Modal and geochemical composition of the Lower Silurian clastic rocks in North Qilian, NW China: implications for provenance, chemical weathering, and tectonic setting

Jianghai Yang, Yuansheng Du, Peter A. Cawood, and Yajun Xu

Table 1Table 2

Flow-depth scaling in alluvial architecture and nonmarine sequence stratigraphy: example from the Castlegate Sandstone, central Utah, U.S.A.

E.A. Hajek and P.L. Heller


March 2012, no. 3

Reactive transport modeling of brine reflux: dolomitization, anhydrite precipitation, and porosity evolution

Anwar B. Al-Helal, Fiona F. Whitaker, and Yitian Xiao

Figure A1Figure 2AFigure 3A

May 2012, no. 5

Sedimentology of an erg to erg-margin depositional system, the Rush Springs Sandstone of western Oklahoma, U.S.A.: implications for paleowinds across northwestern Pangea during the Guadalupian (middle Permian)

Zachary A. Poland and Alexander R. Simms

Table 2

June 2012, no. 6

Cathodolumenescence spectra of quartz as provenance indicators revisited

Carita Augustsson and Annalena Reker

Supplemental Tables S1 and S2

July 2012, no. 7

Depths of modern coastal sand clinoforms

Neil C. Mitchell, Gerhard Masselink, John M. Huthnance, Luis M. Fernandez-Salas, and Francisco J. lobo

Electronic Supplement

August 2012, no. 8

Petrological, geochemical, and statistical analysis of Eocene-Oligocene sandstones of the western Thrace Basin, Greece and Bulgaria

Luca Carcaciolo, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, Salvatore Critelli, Piero Manetti, Peter Marchev, and Hilmar von Eynatten

Petrographic Data Set: Smaple LocationsPetrographic Data Set: Recalculated ParametersGeochemistry Data Set

September 2012, no. 9

Integrating seiving and laser data to obtain bulk grain-size densities

Pedro Dinis and Ana Castilho 

Appendix 1Appendix 2

Milankovitch-scale sequence stratigraphy and stepped forced regressions of the Turonian Ferron Notom deltaic complex, south-central Utah, U.S.A.

Yijie Zhu, Janok P. Bhattacharya, Weigou Li, Thomas J. Lapen, Brian R. Jicha, and Brad S. Singer 

Regional Stratigraphy Correlation Panel

November 2012, no.11

Timing and rates of flysch sedimentation in the Stanley Group, Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma and Arkansas, U.S.A.: constraints from U-Pb zircon ages of subaqueous ash-flow tuffs

Barry J. Shaulis, Thomas J. Lapen, John F. Casey, and Douglas R. Reid 

Data Table

The sandstone-derived provenance record of the Gualala Basin, nothern California, U.S.A.

Amalia C. Doebbert, Alan R. Carrol, and Clark Johnson

Figure A1Table A1Table A2Table A3Table A4Table A5

December 2012, no. 12

Syndepositional deformation in a high-relief carbonate platform and its effect on early fluid flow as revealed by dolomite patterns

Edmond L. Frost, III, David A. Budd, and Charles Kerans 

Supplemental Figure 4Supplemental Figure 6

Volume 81

February 2011, Number 2

Linking onshore-offshore sediment dispersal in the Golo source-to-sink system (Corsica, France) during the late Quaternary

Tor O. SØmme, David J.W. Piper, Mark E. Deptuck, and William Helland-Hansen


April 2011, Number 4

Detrital quartz and zircon combined: the production of mature sand with short transportation paths along the Cambrian west Gondwana margin, northwestern Argentina

Carita Augustsson, Tobias Rusing, Christopher J. Adams, Hannah Chmiel, Mert Kocabayoglu, Makeike Buld, Udo Zimmermann, Jasper Berndt, and Ellen Koojman


Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, southeastern Utah, U.S.A. indicates a diverse community living in a wet destert ecosystem

David J. Riese, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Georges P. Odier


June 2011, Number 6

Sedimentological characterization of the Sego Sandstone (NW Colorado, USA): a new scheme to recognize ancient flood-tidal-delta deposits and implications for reservoir potential

Carly C. York, Clayton S. Painter, and Barbara Carrapa 

Appendix A:

July 2011, Number 7

Correlation and provenance of Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) fluvial strata, Utah, U.S.A., from zircon U-Pb geochronology and petrology

Timothy F. Lawton and Beth A. Bradford

Table of sandstone detrital modesTable of U-Pb detrital zircon data

August 2011, Number 8

Influence of mixtures of grain-size populations on the parametric and modal characteristics of coastal sands (Herault, Mediterranean Sea, France)

J. Paul Barusseau

Appendix 1Appendix 2Appendix 3Appendix 4

Spatial and temporal evolution of an avulsion on the Taquari River distributive fluvial system from satellite image analysis

Holly A. Beuhler, Gary S. Weissmann, Louis A. Scideri, and Adrian J. Hartley 

Animation 1: Avulsion overviewAnimation 2: Close-up of splay evolutionAnimation 3: Close-up of parent channel evolutionAnimation 4: Close-up of avulsion splay evolutionAnimation 5: Close-up of sediment lobe evolution

September 2011, Number 9

Modern heterozoan carbonates from a eutrophic tropical shelf (Mauritania)

Julien Michel, Guillem Mateu Vicens, and Hildegard Westphal

Appendix 1Appendix 2

Constructing sandstone provenance and classification ternary diagrams using an electronic spreadsheet

Khandaker M. Zahid and David L. Barbeau, Jr. 


This spreadsheet file was replaced on 5 January 2011 and an Erratum published in the February issue of JSR explaining the error in the first version.

October 2011, Number 10

Authigenesis of titania minerals and the mobility of Ti: new evidence from pro-deltaic sandstones, Cretaceous Scotian Basin, Canada

Georgia Pe-Piper, Atika Karim, and David J.W. Piper

Supplemental FiguresSupplemental Table 1Supplemental Table 2Supplemental Table 3Supplemental Table 4

Rapid mud accumulation on the central Texas shelf linked to climate change and sea-level rise

Robert W.R. Weight, John B. Anderson, and Rodrigo A. Fernandez 

Table 3

December 2011, Volume 81, Number 12

Episodic growth of the Chocolate Mountains anticlinorium recorded by the Neogene Bear Canyon conglomerate, southeastern California, U.S.A.

Jason W. Ricketts, Gary H. Girty, John S. Sainsbury, Krista K. Muela, Lauren A. Sutton, Melanie A. Biggs, and Erin M. Voyles

Dataset 1Dataset 2

How porosity and permeablitiy vary spatially with grain size, sorting, cement volume, and mineral dissolution in fluvial Triassic sandstones: the value of geostatistics and local regression

J.M. McKinely, P.M. Atkinson, C.D. Loyd, A.H. Ruffell, and R.H. Worden


Volume 80

February 2010, Number 2

Pedogenic carbonates in Texas: stable-isotope distributions and their implications for reconstructing region-wide paleoenvironments

Jie Zhou and Henry S. Chafetz

Stable-isotope data

Factors controlling peat compaction in alluvial floodplains: a case study in the cold-temperate Cumberland Marshes, Canada

Sanneke van Asselen, Esther Stouthamer, and Norman D. Smith

Appendices 1-3

Large distributive fluvial systems: characteristics, distribution, and controls on development

Adrian J. Hartley, Gary S. Weissmann, Gary G. Nichols, and Gail L. Warwick

Appendix 1Appendix 2

April 2010, Number 4

A Architecture and facies distribution of organic-clastic lake fills in the fluvio-deltaic Rhine-Meuse system

Ingwer J. Bos

Supplement 1Supplement 2Supplement 3Supplement 4

May 2010, Number 5

Three-dimensional connectivity of point-bar deposits

Brian J. Willis and Hong Tang

Introduction and Overview of Files Figure A1Figure A2Figure A3, Movie 1Figure A4, Movie 2Figure A5, Movie 3Figure A6, Movie 4Figure A7, Movie 5Figure A8, Movie 6Figure A9, Movie 7Figure A10, Movie 8Figure A11, Movie 9

July 2010, Number 8

Use of low-cost Multistripe Laser Triangulation (MLT) scanning technology for three-dimensional quantitative paleoichnological and neoichnological studies

Brian F. Platt, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Daniel R. Hirmas

Movie 1:

Animation of a rotating digital model of Feoichnus 

Movie 2:

tetradactyl dinosaur track cast

Movie 3:

latex mold of a tridactyl dinosaur track

Movie 4:

elephant track.

Movie 5:

brown scorpion burrow

Movie 6:

ghost crab burrow

Movie 7:

marsh crab burrow

Movie 8:

Kenyan sand boa burrow

Movie 9:

skink burrow

Movie 10:

tiger beetle larva burrow

Movie 11:

wolf spider burrow

Application of quartz sand microtextural analysis to infer cold-climate weathering for the equatorial Fountain Formation (Pennsylvanian-Permian, Colorado, U.S.A.)

Dustin E. Sweet and Gerilyn Soreghan

Sample List and Locations, Microtectural Data 1

The origin of the millimeter-scale lamination in the Neoproterozoic lower Beck Spring Dolomite: implications for widespread, fine-scale, layer-parallel diagenesis in Precambrian carbonates

Sean J. Loyd and Frank Corsetti

Supplemental Figure 1Caption

September 2010, Number 9

Acoustic properties of ancient shallow-marine carbonates: effects of depositional environments and diagenetic processes (Middle Jurassic, Paris Basin, France)

Benjamin Brigaud, Benoit Vincent, Christophe Durlet, Jean-Francois Deconinck, Philippe Blanc, and Alain Trouiller

Appendix 1

October 2010, Number 10

Arkose, subarkose, quartz sand, and associated muds dervied from felsic plutonic rocks in glacial to tropical humid climates

Peter C. van de Kamp

Table 4Table 5

Volume 79

February 2009, Number 2

Evidence for dynamic climate change on sub-106-year scales from the late Paleozoic glacial record, Tamworth Belt, New South Wales, Australia

Lauren P. Birgenheier, Christopher R. Fielding, Micheal C. Rygel, Tracy D. Frank, and John Roberts

Appendix 1

June 2009, Number 6

A dominant tectonic signal in high-frequency, peritidal carbonate cycles? A regional analysis of Liassic platforms from the western Tethys

Dan Bosence, Emily Procter, Marc Aurell, Atef Bel Kahla, Marcelle Boudagher-Fadel, Francesca Casaglia, Simonetta Cirilli, Mohammed Mehdie, Luis Nieto, Javier Rey, Rudolph Scherreiks, Mohamed Soussi, and David Waltham

Figure A1

Locality maps for each of the logged sections in the Mediterranean area (pdf)

July 2009, Volume 79, Number 7

Detrital rutile geochemistry and thermometry as guides to provenance of Jurassic–Paleocene sandstones of the Norwegian Sea

Andrew Morton and Simon Chenery

Rutile Geochemical Data

August 2009, Volume 79, Number 8

Igneous origin of CO2 in ancient and Recent hot-spring waters and travertines from the northern Argentinean Andes

Roger O. Gibert, Conxita Taberner, Alberto Sáez, Santiago Giralt, Ricardo N. Alonso, R. Lawrence Edwards, and Juan J. Pueyo

Table A1

Mapping and quantifying the clay aggregate microporosity in medium- to course-grained sandstones using the 14C-PPMA method

Paul Sardini, Abderrazak El Albani, Dimitri Pret, Stéphane Gaboreau, Marja Siitari-Kauppi, and Daniel Beaufort

Figure CaptionsFigure AFigure BFigure CFigure D

Volume 78

January 2008, Number 1

Oceanographic currents and the convexity of the uppermost continental slope

Neil C. Mitchell and John M. Huthnance

Data Archive Files 1-4Figure DA3

February 2008, Number 2

Reconstruction of water temperature, pH, and flux of ancient hot springs from travertine depositional facies

John Veysey, II, Bruce W. Fouke, Michael T. Kandianis, Thomas J. Schickel, Roy W. Johnson, and Nigel Goldenfeld

Supplemental Material

Mississippian paleoocean chemistry from biotic and abiotic carbonate, Muleshoe Mound, Lake Valley Formation, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Franciszek J. Hasiuk and Kyger C. Lohmann

Elemental and Isotopic Data

August 2008, Number 8

The magnitude of late Paleozoic glacioeustatic fluctuations: a synthesis

Michael C. Rygel, Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, and Lauren P. Birgenheier

Data Table

Deposit structure and process of sand deposition from decelerating sediment suspensions

Esther J. Sumner, Lawrence A. Amy, and Peter J. Talling

Video Captions

Movie 1:


Movie 2:

Short Exp.

Movie 3:


Movie 4:


Movie 5:


Movie 6:

Inverse Grading

Movie 7:


Retention of high permeability during shallow burial (300-500 m) of carbonate grainstones

Susan E. Melzer and David A. Budd

Appendix 1

Valleys that never were: time surfaces versus stratigraphic surfaces

Nikki Strong and Chris Paola

  1. Slow Cycle
  2. Rapid Cycle
  3. Rapid Cycle on Falling Limb
  4. Rapid Cycle on Rising Limb
  5. Laser Sonar Scanner
  6. Stratigraphic Evolution---Strike
  7. Stratigraphic Evolution---Dip
  8. Stratigraphy---Strike
  9. Stratigraphy---Dip
  10. Stratigraphy---Strike
  11. Shelf Slope

October 2008, Number 10

Detrital modes in a late Miocene wedge-top basin, northeastern Calabria, Italy: compositional record of wedge-top partitioning

Mirko Barone, Rocco Dominici, Francesco Muto, and Salvatore Critelli

Appendix 1: Modal Point Count Data (Rossano Basin)Appendix 2: Modal Point Count Data (Crotone Basin)Appendix 3: Raw and Recalculated Data of Conglomerate Clasts Counting

December 2008, Number 12

U-PB ages of detrital zircons in relation to paleogeography: Triassic paleodrainage networks and sediment dispersal across southwest Laurentia

William R. Dickinson and George E. Gehrels

Appendix 1: Sample LocalitiesAppendix 2: U-Pb Analyses

Volume 77

February 2007, Number 2

Heterogeneity in geochemical expression of subaerial exposure in limestones, and its implications for sampling to detect exposure surfaces

Bethany P. Theiling, L. Bruce Railsback, Steven M. Holland, and Douglas E. Crowe,


March 2007, Number 3

Evolution of turbidity currents deduced from extensive thin turbidites: Marnoso Arenacea Formation (Miocene), Italian Apennines

Peter J. Talling, Lawrence A. Amy, Russell B. Wynn, Graham Blackbourn, and Oliver Gibson

Appendix 1.1 List of Sections.docAppendix 2 Provenance Summary.xls

April 2007, Number 4

Turbidite systems in the inner forearc domain of the Hikurangi convergent margin (New Zealand): new constraints on the development of trench-slope basins

Julien Bailleul, Cécile Robin, Frank Chanier, François Guillocheau, Brad Field, and Jacky Ferrière


June 2007, Number 6

Middle Permian telodiagenetic processes in Neoproterozoic sequences, Tandilla System, Argentina

Patricia Eugenia Zalba, Marcelo Manassero, Emmanuel Laverret, Daniel Beaufort, Alain Meunier, Martín Morosi, and Laura Segovia

July 2007, Number 7

Siliciclastic sediment across the North Queensland margin (Australia): a Holocene perspective on reciprocal versus coeval deposition in tropical mixed siliclastic--carbonate systems

Jason M. Francis, Gavin B. Dunbar, Gerald R. Dickens, Ian A. Sutherland, and André W. Droxler

Supplemental Table 1.pdfSupplemental Table 2.pdfSupplemental Table 3.pdfSupplemental Table 4.pdf

September 2007, Number 9

Climate change across continental sequence boundaries: paleopedology and lithofacies of Iglesia Basin, northwestern Argentina

Brian G. Ruskin and Teresa E. Jordan


Composition of modern sand from the Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A.: implications for actualistc petrofacies of continental-margin magmatic arcs

Raymond V. Ingersol and Daniel J. Eastmond

Appendices 1-3.doc

October 2007, Number 10

Lower Cretaceous strata in the Lhasa terrane, Tibet, with implications for understanding the early tectonic history of the Tibetan plateau

Andrew P. Leier, Peter G. DeCelles, Paul Kapp, and George Gehrels


Paleoenvironmental and carbon-oxygen isotope record of Middle Cambrian carbonates (La Laja Formation) in the Argentine Precordillera

Fernando J. Gomez, Neil Ogle, Ricardo A. Astini, and Robert M. Kalin

Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Data

Detailed Stratigraphic log and Sample Locations

November 2007, Number 11

Laurentian sources for detrital zircon grains in turbidite and deltaic sandstones of the Pennsylvanbian Haymond Formation, Marathon assemblage, West Texas, U.S.A.

James D. Gleason, George D. Gehrels, William R. Dickinson, P. Jonathan Patchett, and David A. Kring

Appendices A-C textTable A1: U-Pb Geochronologic Analyses

Age controls on the Tanqua and Laingsburg deep-water systems: new insights on the evolution and sedimentary fill of the Karoo basin, South Africa

Andrea Fildani, Nicholas J. Drinkwater, Amy Weislogel, Tim McHargue, David M. Hodgson, and Stephen S. Flint


Volume 76

January 2006, Number 1

Resources for paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic analysis: a 6,700-year stratigraphy and regional radiocarbon reservoir-age (delta R) record based on varve counting and 14C-AMS dating for the Santa Barbara Basin, offshore California, U.S.A

Arndt Schimmelmann, Carina B. Lange, E. Brendan Roark, and B. Lynn Ingram


May 2006, Number 5

Width and thickness of fluvial channel bodies and valley fills in the geological record: a literature compilation and classification

Martin R. Gibling

List of AppendicesAppendix 1 References used in constructing the databaseAppendix 2 Using Excel to create and modify width:thickness diagrams for channel bodiesAppendix 3AAppendix 3BAppendix 3CAppendix 3DAppendix 4Appendix 5Appendix 6Appendix 7AAppendix 7BAppendix 8Appendix 9Appendix 10 Checklist for documentation of channel-body geometryAppendix 11 Key diagram for classifying fluvial bodiesGraph and spreadsheet for braided and low-sinuosity riversGraph and spreadsheet for meandering riversGraph and spreadsheet for channels on megafansGraph and spreadsheet for delta distributariesGraph and spreadsheet for distal alluvial fans and apronsGraph and spreadsheet for crevasse channels and avulsion depositsGraph and spreadsheet for fixed river systemsGraph and spreadsheet for channels in eolian settingsGraph and spreadsheet for valley fills on bedrock unconformitiesGraph and spreadsheet for valley fills within alluvial and marine strataGraph and spreadsheet for valley fills in subglacial and proglacial settingsGraph and spreadsheet for summary envelopes for types of channel bodies and valley fills

August 2006, Number 8

Temporal variations of Meszoic sandstone compositions int he Qiangtang block, northern Tibet (China): implications for provenance and tectonic setting

Kai-Jun Zhang, Yu-Xiu Zhang, Bang-Dong Xia, and You-Bin He

Data Table 1

September 2006, Number 9

Mudstone petrology of the Mesozoic Unkar Group, Grand Canyon, U.S.A.: provenance, weathering, and sediment transport on intracratonic Rodinia

John D. Bloch, J. Michael Timmons, Laura J. Crossey, George E. Gehrels, and Karl E. Karlstrom

Read Me.docBulk XRD.pdfClay XRD.pdfGeochemical data.xlsLPNORM output.docMineralogy data.xlsSample locations.pdfU-Pb plots.pdfU-Pb raw data.xls

Volume 75

January 2005, Number 1

Parallel lamination formed by high-density turbidity currents

Suzanne F. Leclair and R. William C. Arnott

Figure 1.jpgFigure 2.jpgFigure 3.jpgFigure 4.jpgFigure 5.jpgMovie 1.movMovie 2.movMovie 3.movMovie 4.movPlane Bed Large ScalePlane Bed Close-Up

March 2005, Number 2

Sequence stratigraphic context of syndepositional diagenesis in cool-water shelf carbonates: Pliocene limestones, New Zealand

Vincent Caron, Campbell S. Nelson, and Peter J.J. Camp

Carbon Isotope Data.xlsPointcounting.xls

Integrated provenance analysis of a complaex orogenic terrane: Mesozoic uplift of the Bogda Shan and inception of the Turpan-Hami Basin, NW China

Todd J. Greene, Alan R. Carroll, Marwan Wartes, Stephan A. Graham, and Joseph L. Wooden

Appendix 1.pdfAppendix 2.pdfAppendix 3.pdfAppendix 4.pdf

March 2005, Number 3

Sequence Provenance analysis by single-quartz-grain SEM-CL/optical microscopy

Matthias Bernet and Kari Bassett

Data Files

Volume 74

March 2004, Number 2

Microbialite formation in seawater of increased alkalinity, Satonda Crater Lake, Indonesia—Reply

Gernot Arp, Andreas Reimer, and Joachim Reitner

Appendices 1 and 2.pdf

Septmber 2004, Number 5

Relationships between composition of organic matter, depositional environments, and sea-level changes in backarc basins, central Japan

Akiko Omura and Koichi Hoyanagi


Age and origin of Albian glauconites and associated caly minerals inferred from detailed geochemical analysis

Davy Rousset, Sylvie Leclerc, Norbert Clauer, Joël Lancelot, Michel Cathelineau, and Jean-François Aranyossy 

Appendix 1.pdf

Volume 73

January 2003, Number 1

Composition and discrimination of sandstones: a statistical evaluation of different analytical methods

 Hilmar von Eynatten, Carles Barceló-Vidal, and Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn 

Chemical Data.xls

Microbialite formation in seawater of increased alkalinity, Satonda Crater Lake, Indonesia,

Gernot Arp, Andreas Reimer, and Joachim Reitner

Appendices 1 and 2.pdf

May 2003, Number 3

Integrating sandstone petrology and nonmarine sequence stratigraphy: application to the Late Cretaceous fluvial systems of southwestern Utah, U.S.A.

T.F. Lawton, S.L. Pollock, and R.A.J. Robinson

Read meAppendix 1.xlsAppendix 2.xlsAppendix 3.xls

July 2003, Number 4

Three-Dimensional sedimentary architecture of a large, mid-channel sand braid bar, Jamuna River, Bangladesh

James L. Best, Philip J. Ashworth, Charles S. Bristow, and Julie Roden

Fig. 1.jpg

Fig. 2.jpg

Fig. 3.jpg

Fig. 4.jpg

Fig. 5A.jpg

Fig. 5B.jpg

Fig. 6.jpg

Fig. 7.jpg

Fig. 8A.jpg

Fig. 8B.jpg

Fig. 8C.jpg

Fig. 8D.jpg

Fig. 9.jpg

September 2003, Number 5

Controls on geochemical expression of subaerial exposure in Ordovician limestones from the Nashville Dome, Tennessee, U.S.A.

L. Bruce Railsback, Steven M. Holland, Daniel M. Hunter, E. Michael Jordan, Jennifer R. Díaz, and Douglas E. Crowe 


Volume 72

January 2002, Number 1

Authigenic Apatite in a Fluvial Sandstone Sequence: Evidence for Rare-Earth Element Mobility During Diagenesis and a Tool for Diagenetic Correlation

Jon E. Bouch, Malcolm J. Hole, Nigel H. Trewin, Simon Chenery, and Andrew C. Morton


Cement Geochemistry of Photozoan Carbonate Strata (Upper Carboniferous-Lower Permian), Finnmark Carbonate Platform, Barents Sea

S.N. Ehrenberg, N.A.H. Pickard, T.A. Svånå, and N.H. Oxtoby


Diagenesis of the Carrizo Sandstone at Butler Salt Dome, East Texas Basin, U.S.A.: Evidence for Fluid-Sediment Interaction Near Halokinetic Structures

Jennifer Smith Enos and J. Richard Kyle 

Table InformationTable

Unraveling Magmatic and Orogenic Provenance in Modern Sand: The Back-Arc Side of the Apennine Thrust Belt, Italy

Eduardo Garzanti, Stefania Canclini, Ferdinando Moretti Foggia, and Nicola Petrella

Composition and Provenance of Modern Tyrrhenian SandsAppendix

Origin and Significance of Isotope Shifts in Pennsylvanian Carbonates (Asturias, NW Spain)

Adrian Immenhauser, Jeroen A.M. Kenter, Gerald Ganssen, Juan R. Bahamonde, Arjan Van Vliet, and Margot H. Saher

About AppendicesAppendices 1-4

Acoustic Properties of "Young" Carbonate Rocks, ODP Leg 166 and Boreholes Clino and Unda, Western Great Bahama Bank

J.A.M. Kenter, F.S. Anselmetti, P.H. Kramer, H. Westphal, and M.G.M. Vandamme


Observation of Microbial Structures in Rocks Using 3D Light Microscopy

K.L. Milliken

Fig. 2Fig. 3Fig. 5AFig. 5BFig. 7Fig. 9

March 2002, Number 2

Postdepositional Sm/Nd fractionation in sandstones: implications for neodymium-isotope stratigraphy

S.N. Ehrenberg and P.H. Nadeau

nd_leach data

July 2002, Number 4

Basin-scale changes in floodplain paleosols: implications for interpreting alluvial architecture

Mary J. Kraus

Appendix 1

Volume 71

January 2001, Number 1

Diagenesis of Upper Jurassic Concretions from the Antarctic Peninsula

Roberto A. Scasso and Wolfgang Kiessling

IndexTable A1Tables A2-3Table A4Table A5

Sandstone Petrology and Geochemistry of the Turpan Basin (NW China): Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of a Continental Basin

Lei Shao, Karl Stattegger, and Carl-Dieter Garbe-Schoenberg

Index.html Turpan Geochemical DataTurpan Pertrologic Data

May 2001, Number 3

Sedimentary Carbon, Sulfur, and Iron Relationships in Modern and Ancient Diagenetic Environments of the Eel River Basin (U.S.A.)

C.K. Sommerfield, R.C. Aller, and C.A. Nittrouer

Summary of Geochemical Data

Volume 70

January 2000, Number 1

Are There Better Alternatives to Standard Rose Diagrams?

Neil A. Wells


Differential Preservation of Primary Isotopic Signatures in Silurian Brachiopods from Northern Europe

Bernd Wenzel

Isotope and Trace Element Data, GotlandIsotope and Trace Element Data, Oslo Graben

May 2000, Number 3

Parent Brine of the Castile Evaporites (Upper Permian), Texas and New Mexico

Douglas W. Kirkland, Rodger E. Denison, and Walter E. Dean

Castile Sr DataCastile Sr Methods

Volume 69

May 1999, Number 3

Recent sedimentary facies of isolated carbonate platforms, Belize-Yucatan system, Central America

Eberhard Gischler and Anthony J. Lomando

Atoll Sed Data.xlsGloves Reef Sediment Samples..xls

November 1999, Number 6

Calculating lunar retreat rates using tidal rhythmites

Erik P. Kvale, Hollis W. Johnson, Charles P. Sonett, Allen W. Archer, and Ann Zawistoski


Petrology and provenance of the Neogene Usibelli Group and Nenana Gravel; implications for the denudation history of the central Alaska Range

Kenneth D. Ridgway, Jeffrey M. Trop, and Diane E. Jones

Table D1.xlsTable D2.xls

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